Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday Mashup Ep. 4 | Arizona Wedding Photographer

Hey Friends! Happy Monday!! If you're new to Monday Mashups click here to read about them on my first post!

Okay! Let's get started! But first, I have to tell you, blogger is having trouble with uploading photos right now so no photos today! So sorry guys!!!

1. Guys! I'm flying to Kansas to do a wedding this year! Crazy right?!  It's in December so I'm pretty sure I'm going to freeze! But that's okay! I can't contain my excitement!!

2.  I got my camera back from Nikon and it's working 100% again! It was like the Chariots of Fire music started playing as I went to go pick up the package! So happy my baby is back! :)

3. On Monday we went on our first family swim of the summer....well, kind of. Colbie and Jake got in! I put my toes in and wimped out! Still not warm enough for me :).......and it's 100+ degrees outside now, haha, but  I'm one of those that hates the cold and getting into pools! It hurts so bad!

4. My friend called me the Michael Jordan of photography. And though, that is 100% not true, I laughed really hard and loved the compliment. I'll take what I can get :)

5. I learned a really valuable lesson this week! Bug spray is necessary in the desert! Never before have I experienced this craziness in this spot but guys, was so bad! Flies....everywhere!! Sooooo many flies! And during a large family session! I posed this brave group and would count to three. On one and two they could swat flies like crazy and on three they had to get back in their pose and smile. I've never seen such a tough group in my life! As I was taking the pictures, flies were crawling on my arms.....(shudder) tickled so bad and was so gross! But the show had to go on! And I must say, their pictures turned out fabulous! Even with the crazy flies!

So, lesson learned. Bug spray is now becoming a permanent item in my camera bag :)

6. This last weekend I had my first double header weekend of weddings! It was so amazing and so tiring at the same time! Wedding photography is not for the faint of heart or those that enjoy bathroom breaks and sitting down (if I could insert a laughing so hard I'm crying emoticon here I would). Is this too much information? :) Sorry guys, just wanted to be real with you :). But I must admit! I absolutely love, love, LOVE the whole experience! Before the wedding I get to know my bride's and fall in love with their stories over and over. By the day of, watching those beautiful moments unfold just makes my heart so full! And guys! I can not wait to share these blogposts with you! So in love with the venues, details, portraits, and moments! It was so beautiful!! Plus, I get to work with the most awesome people you could imagine! I can't believe I'm so lucky to have such good friends like these!

7. Ah! I almost forgot! I got new shoes to wear to weddings! I have looked high and low for this type of shoe and finally found it! I may go back and buy 12 of them! And I got so many compliments! Worth the 14 different stores and online shopping :)

8. Last but not least, I have the best husband ever! After Saturday's wedding (the second of the two) I came home, took a shower, and hobbled around the house for a bit. Jake gave me the foot massage of my life...and I was only awake for half of it! I always fall asleep during them, haha. It's like one of those ancient ninja tricks. Rub the feet and I pass out :)  And then, the next morning he gave me another one :) I think I'll cook him a good dinner at least once this week as a thank you :) If you've read my bio you know I hate cooking! :)

Well, that's it for this week's Monday Mashup!! Have an amazing week sweet friends!!I'll be writing my next Monday Mashup post from Idaho! Hooray for mini getaways!! :)



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  1. It was great to work with you Saturday. I can't wait to see the photos you and Jessica took. And your shoes did look fantastic!

    1. Awe, thanks Rachel!! You were fabulous and made it so fun! Haha, and thank you about the shoes! :)


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