Thursday, March 20, 2014

Baby Nursery I think I'm done. Whew.

I must have hit my peak nesting phase in January because all my big plans for the nursery have slowly been taking an increasingly longer time to complete.

Seriously. The second week in January, I went through and organized every single closet in the house--taking hours to meticulously separate, fold, dejunk, sterilize, etc! And the weird part? I was excited to do it and looked forward to the next thing I could organize. Today...looking at my house, I can definitely tell that whatever magical thing came over me at that time is looooong gone.

Time for Jake to do some spring cleaning? :)

Well, I feel like my nursery is the biggest DIY room in the house--which is saying a lot since almost everyone who walks into my living room makes a comment on wanting to start crafting. (I don't mind, I promise.)

So nearly everything you'll see below--you'll probably see similar things on my Pinterest wall :)

Plus, if you stick around, you'll get to see my 38 week baby bump :)

Well, first, the hospital bags are packed! And....I am in love with my diaper bag :) Got it for a steal!
Basic room set up. Looks a bit messy :) We got all our furniture second-hand. Good thing too. Baby stuff tends to add up!
The crib. Sorry the pic is blurry. Let the DIY explaining begin. Well first, the beautiful quilt is my mother-in-laws doing :). I made the bed skirt, crib bumper, mobile, and banner. 
A closer look :)

The birds are from scraps of fabric left over from the quilt my mother-in-law made.  :) I loved a mobile I saw online and tried to replicate it. I think it turned out pretty good!
Here's a closer look at the crib bumper. I was going to stitch the crisscross quilting stitch (I don't know what it's called) but Jake and I both liked just the one diagonal. It has gold trim on the top and bottom. (If you haven't noticed, I guess my theme was coral, tan, and gold. But because coral things are pretty popular and kind of made it's way in. Jake wasn't too excited about all the pink--he wants to turn her into a tom boy. All in good time  :) 

My last comment made me think of this picture. Cute to see him holding all the pink clothes and funny to hear him 
exasperatedly say "Why are all the girl clothes pink?!".

I painted the large picture in this. It says "As soon as I saw you, I knew and Adventure was going to happen." It's a Winnie the Pooh quote I really liked. I bought the whole thing from a second hand store, painted over the main picture, and painted the frame gold.
I made cute little book ends. The books are some from my child hood. Could you guess? Maybe from them all being held together from tape? Jake and I are excited to read to our little girl. I bought the blocks and plastic zebras from a second hand store for less than 2 bucks, painted them all gold, and glued them on!
If you've read my blog, you know the story behind this beauty. Remaking this was definitely a big learning experience and a ton of work, but so worth it. 
A headband holder--again, a Pinterest idea with things pulled from scraps and second hand stores. The sculpture was a gift (that I love!)  from a dear friend.
And these are just cute. My Mother-in-law made them. Our little girl is going to like birds I think :) Did you see how many birds are in that room? Well, let's just hope she doesn't end up being afraid of birds....

 And along the lines of baby girl Shelley hopefully liking birds. Jake and I went birding for his ornithology class. It was surprisingly much more fun than I thought. We even bought a pair of binoculars for future use hiking and birding :)
Aren't the mountains gorgeous? We're sure going to miss them when we move!

Love birders :) (good one Trisha)

And last but not least! Here I am at 2 days shy of 38 weeks pregnant. Almost there! If you couldn't tell, we're really excited for our little one to come :)

Baby girl is almost ready to make her debut! (After reading this post, I'm sure you'll agree with us. Sure hope she's still a girl when she comes out! )

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