Monday, June 29, 2020

Meghan + Dan | Forrest Park Engagement Session | St. Louis Photographer

We made the big move to St. Louis almost exactly one year ago and I've been dying to shoot at some of these locations since that first week we drove through Forrest Park! I love Forrest Park! There are so many stunning locations in one tiny (okay, not so tiny) spot, and I feel like there are so many hidden gems! It's my favorite thing to take my family on bike rides through there and secretly scout for photoshoot spots! ;)

I have been so lucky to have been photographing so many engagement sessions lately! Covid may have delayed these shoots to the heat of summer, and made shopping for outfits a bit of a struggle for several of my couples, but holy smokes, they are all killing it! Every time I shoot an engagement shoot, it just refuels the photography fire inside me--especially after sessions like Meghan and Dan's! I had so much fun with these two! We just took our time and explored! And even though it was warm, they didn't let that show one bit!

We even had a a little bonus of pure cuteness pop into some of the last pics! I'm not telling, so you'll have to scroll to see what I'm talking about. ;) But it's safe to say, my heart was in a puddle after meeting him!

So enjoy this little peek into Dan and Meghan's Forrest Park engagement session, and get excited for some gorgeous wedding pics coming later this year!

Okay, last little side note: Meghan is an ICU nurse right now in the midst of Covid. Huge thank you to her and all healthcare workers and essential workers for all they are doing! There is no way to thank you enough. <3

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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Allison + Nick | Forrest Park St. Louis Engagement Session

Ahhh, can I just say, it feels sooooo good to be shooting again! To be with other humans again! In fact, I told Allison, "Sorry if I'm acting a little weird. I've only been talking to little humans for the past few months!" Haha. I know this (worldwide pandemic) isn't over, but this session was such a beautiful little taste of normalcy. I certainly needed it! :)

But let's talk about these two! Seriously, what cuties/sweethearts! I enjoyed every minute of my session with these two exploring Forrest Park in St. Louis. I can't even tell you how lucky I feel to have had Allison find me! She has been such a sweetheart through all this craziness! And Nick was just awesome. I love that by the end, he started doing all the little things I'd coached him on earlier in the session without me even directing.

 Ah, I can't wait till their wedding! It's going to be such a beautiful, joyful, and fun day I'm sure!

Enjoy this little sneak peek into their engagement session! Definitely a change for this former Arizona girl. So much more green here!

 I just love black and white photos! The emotions just shine through them!

 I stumbled upon this sneaky little spot a few minutes before their session and knew I had to take them there! So glad they were up for it!

 Given the choice of a beautiful pose, or one that shows emotion, I'll choose emotion every time! Definitely one of my faves!

 Like I said, these guys are seriously the cutest!! GO BLUES!!
And last but not least, loved that they wanted to make sure we documented just WHEN we took these! What a crazy world it is right now, but what a gift to be forced to slow down and focus on the important things in life. <3



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