Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Chalae + Jason | Maternity | Arizona Wedding Photographer

Well, I'm back in Arizona now but still swooning over my Idaho sessions! The day before I left I had the chance to photograph these two (three!).

This was in the backyard of the home they are renting! Can you believe that?! Oh what I would give to have a backyard like that here in Arizona! :)

My favorite moment of the night happened just before we finished up. I was doing pictures of just Chalae and trying different angles. Jason was standing to the side and just let me me do my thing. After a bit he spoke up and asked me if I would take pictures from a certain spot. The exact spot that he was standing in. It was so sweet! He wanted me to capture her as he saw her. I loved that. It was a beautiful angle too!

Jason and Chalae! So excited for you! I hope you love the pictures! You're in for a wild ride but it will all be worth it. Can't wait for you to meet your sweet little boy!

I hope you loved them!



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