Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday Mashup Ep. 3 | Arizona Wedding Photographer

Hello, and welcome back! If you're not familiar with Monday Mashups, click here to read the first post!

This week didn't feel like anything spectacular so I was kind of nervous to write this post!  Lucky for me, my husband has a much better memory than me. There still isn't anything super crazy spectacular but if you're interested in snakes, pro photographers, and the cutest little girl in the whole world than...yes, this should be worth the read :)

**Also, quick side note, some of these photos were taken with an iPhone and not my pro photo gear. I don't lug that thing around everywhere ;)

Okay, let's get started!

1. My baby broke and I had to send it in to Nikon! Nope, not talking about Colbie! Talking about my Nikon D750! For a few months I've been fighting the focus's been having trouble in a few spots and driving me crazy! So I wrapped it up about a thousand times in bubble wrap, packaged it as best as I could, paid the crazy amount for shipping and insurance (I wasn't going to risk it!) and sent it off! I hope I get my baby back! Good thing I have a backup camera that's the exact same model to use in the mean time :) And, thank goodness it's still under warranty! Lesson learned! After scrambling for an hour to find the warranty slip, I found it and will forever keep those in a safer location :)

2. I got to second shoot for Leslie D Photography, who is amazing by the way! It was such an amazing experience learning from someone on her level!  Plus she is so laid back, kind, professional, and easy going. Thank you so much Leslie for offering me the opportunity! The venue was incredible! Overlooking the Phoenix valley from the top of a mountain in the most incredible man-cave imaginable (Yes, a man cave....but you've never seen one like this) . I'll post pictures soon. Here's me and Leslie in front of the views on the balcony of this so called "man cave"! (Also, side note, this pic was not the most flattering one for either of us....we look like we both gained 20 pounds in this picture!)

3. Colbie let me braid her hair for the first time! I didn't even know it was long enough! It only took sacrificing my new iPhone to a two year old to get the braids in! Luckily it came out unscathed! I took pictures as fast as I could! I knew those braids wouldn't stay very pretty for very long! :)

4. Colbie believes she is a princess. Yes, it's true! Almost on the daily, we go on tricycle rides where she is decked out from head to toe in her princess garb--princess dress, plastic princess high heels, crown, bracelets, and about 50 necklaces. And she is so particular about having EVERYTHING on just right. The people in our apartment complex have been calling her a little fashionista. :)

5. We got our mommy and me pictures back! Bre Kathleen Photography did such a wonderful job! We absolutely love them! Here's just a preview before the real blog post! :) I can't wait to print them out on canvas's and hang them on her walls!

6. I took pictures at the beach.......or the closest pictures to the beach that I'll get in a while! It was a block away from my house, but I just love the colors of the dirt and water that sort of simulated a beach! Someday I'll get to shoot at a beach! I'll keep dreaming! :) On a side note, this family is one of my favorite families ever! They watch Colbie for me often while I'm gone doing weddings or photo shoots. Colbie adores their little one's too! At church, I can't get her to stop waving at them the whole time! :)

7. We saw a SNAKE!! Ugh! I have a phobia of snakes and am pretty much deathly afraid of them! Years ago, I was asked to touch a dead one and was freaking out! So when we saw the live one on the side of the trail at the Riparian preserve after taking the family pictures above, I started freaking out., grabbing Colbie, and staying as far away as I could. Of course my husband had to get up close and personal with the snake, taking pictures and videoing! I think Colbie inherited my fear of snakes because she was screaming at her dad the whole time to get away from the snake. Good girl Colbie!

8. Yesterday was Mother's day! I pretty much got my mother's day early! After a full day of  2nd shooting for Leslie, I came home and Colbie heard me open the door. She ran to me yelling "MOOOOOMMMMMMYYY!!! and jumped into my arms. She wouldn't let me put her down the rest of the night, and, in her two year old babble, proceeded to tell me all about her day. I missed her too and just ate it all up! I love this girl! Jake gave me a pretty great mother's day. The highlight? He bought me fancy chocolates :) Haha....yep, I'm pretty easy to win over!

Well, that's it for Monday Mashup! Here's to another wonderful week ya'll! I can't believe it's May! It'll be Christmas before we know it!



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