Monday, September 11, 2017

Personal Post | Colbie's Third Birthday!!!

So, this post is a little late....and by a little late, I mean about five months late! Colbie's cute birthday party was back in April when she actually turned three! But, I'm just barely getting to blogging it now!

I know, I know, took me long enough! :)

When I asked Colbie what type of birthday party she wanted, she told me "a Rapunzel Unicorn party!" So we combined it and made it work! My sweet friend Sara from Sara Cakes and Cupcakes made the adorable cake and cupcakes (she's so talented!). We also had a surprise visit from Rapunzel! One of my sweet brides is a professional princess (Pretty Little Princess Events) , and I couldn't help but have her come! Colbie was so in love with her, as you'll see from the pictures!

We had so much fun with story time and a performance by her, face painting, dancing, and a super yummy cake! For her second birthday I went a little crazy on the decorations, and I thought this year I was toning it down a bit. :) I did sort of! Most of these decorations were made from dollar store plastic table cloths and fake flowers! It was so fun to dream and come up with!

I hope Colbie felt like a little princess! The best part of all was being surrounded by Colbie's best little friends! It was truly a little princess party with everyone dressed up!

Looking at these pictures (and having forgot the work that went into it) I'm ready to start planning next year's birthday party! :) We'll see what are sweet little wonderer comes up with! :)

Sara is so amazing!!

It was so cute watching Colbie sit so patiently while Rapunzel painted her face! Colbie adored her!

I made these cute little felt headbands for all the girls that came! My crafting skills need a little work, haha, but it was so cute to see all of them wearing them!

My favorite decoration of all! The Rapunzel "hair" on the tables!

One of my favorite things about being a photographer.......being able to have really good pictures of moments like this!

Cake time!!

Thank you so much Rapunzel for the amazing party!!




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