Monday, May 23, 2016

Idaho | Monday Mashup Ep. 5 | Arizona Wedding Photographer

Happy Monday Everyone! This is one of my favorite posts to write every week! It has been so fun to reflect back on my week, appreciate the small things, document my adventures, and share them all with you!

If you're new to Monday Mashups, then click here to read the first post!

This week I'm writing this post from beautiful Idaho! Since I've been here for the past three days it has rained, hailed, the sun has shined, and it's been cloudy! The weather can't seem to make up it's mind! Lucky for me, it was perfect for my photoshoot on Saturday night.....but more about that later on :) I won't spoil it! Well let's get started!!

1. I made a rookie mistake. Oh, and it hurt.....for about 5 minutes! I left a sharpie out.....with a 2 year old in the vicinity. The result? My beautiful, barely a year old couch, became covered in beautiful black sharpie scribbles. I may have freaked out just a little! But, I snapped into action. Consulted my trusted friend Google, and whipped up a magical concoction. In the space of 10 minutes my couch went from perfect, to sharpie scribbles everywhere, to dowsed in cleaning solution, to perfect again! It was a miracle!!

In case you're wondering what this magical solution was?

2 cups warm water
1 Tab vinegar
1 Tab dish soap

Dab and scrup :) You're welcome!

I didn't even have to look it up just now. Something as traumatic as that.....well, pretty sure it will be ingrained in my head forever! :)

2. MY BRIDAL GUIDES CAME IN!!!! (Did the all caps properly relay the extent of my excitement?) Oh, I am so excited!! I hope my brides are loving them! I just sent them out this week!

3. We flew to Idaho! Just Colbie and I :) Jake is in the middle of studying for boards! Poor guy! And when we come back my little sister gets to come live with us for a month! We couldn't be more excited! Especially since she loves cooking and is fabulous at it! Woohoo! A month long break for me :) Hehe just kidding....kind of :) We will have many, many adventures!
Colbie looking at the airplane! Her first time flying with her own seat! Turning two has it's perks and downfalls, depending on who's point of view you're looking at :)

Love this little one! She demanded that she have the window seat!! :)

4.  I photographed a couple at the most magical place! Mesa Falls just outside of Ashton, Idaho. Oh, I am in love!! I absolutely adored these two! Beautiful on the inside and out!

If you know any couples getting married near Rexburg or Idaho Falls, Idaho send them my way! I would be more than happy to fly up here and my parent's would be more than happy to see Colbie more :) (Shameless plug :)) Plus....I would love to photograph more of this!

5. Along the same lines as number 4, I made the bouquet for the shoot! Kelsi and Louey modeled for me and I threw together a bouquet for the shoot! EVERYTHING is blooming here so it was easy! If I had come 2 weeks later it would have been so hard! I went on a run with my little sister and scouted out all the best bushes in the neighborhood. When it was time to make the bouquet we ran around with bush clippers and "groomed" some bushes :) The only thing I bought were the roses from the grocery store (and I got a discount since one was broken, woot!) and the ribbon. I loooooove large and leafy bouquets!!

6. I updated my website this week! I now have 2 sections under weddings--wedding portraits, and details! If you haven't seen my website yet, go check it out!! :) Click here! 

7. Last but not least, it has been so incredibly heart warming to see my mom, dad, brothers, and sisters all bond with Colbie! She has them wrapped around her little finger! Within ten minutes, she had my big and tough brothers watching Tinker bell with her. As for my two little sisters--every morning Colbie runs down stairs to wake them up...early! She's just so excited to see them everyday! And she goes wild around Grandma and Grandpa! I think the spoiling is going both ways though! I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful family!

Well! I hope you all enjoyed this post! Such a fun week full of adventures! Can't believe this is already week 5 of doing this! I'm going to have to stop putting episode numbers on these so people will keep reading them ;)

Hope you all have a fabulous week!



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