Sunday, May 1, 2016

Monday Mashup Ep. 2 | Phoenix Wedding Photographer

Hey Friends! We're on week two of Monday Mashups! If you don't know what these are all about, click here to read the first post and all about it!

This week flew by! I blinked and I could have sworn it was just last Sunday! Okay! Here goes on the Monday mashup!

1. Colbie and I did a mommy and me session! And it may have involved a teepeee, flower crowns, long white flowy dress, walking in a river, aaaaannnnnd we got pictures and video! Two of my super talented friends helped me out! Thank you so much Bre and Mandy!!

2. So most of you know, but my husband is in dental school and he is gone A LOT. A lot, a lot. So, we jump at any chance we get to spend more time with him! Well, this last week, the weather has been amazing here in Arizona, so we grabbed our blankets, packed some yummy grub and picnicked on campus this week with him! It took some convincing to get my hubby to sit on a blanket in the grass instead of a nice picnic table, but we did it! There is just something about sitting in the grass, in the shade, on a blanket, in the breeze. It's so much more relaxing and fun! He seemed to like it too because we picnicked 3 times this week! I love those moments when life just slows down!

3. Anyone ever walk out of Walmart skipping, thrilled with the amazing finds that got for a steal? Anyone? :) Guys, this really was one of those crazy cloud 9 experiences. I don't usually blog about my "glorious" expeditions at Walmart :). So, here' what happened. A few months ago, I saw a post in a Facebook group about a super cute floral print $10 dress at Walmart that was modest and long and lightweight. (Perfect for a wedding photographer!).But it was sold out everywhere! Online and in stores. Well, when I saw a full rack of them at Walmart it was like the clouds parted and the heavens opened and they started glowing, and I did the only thing a rational and sane woman would do in my situation. I stopped, looked around to see if anyone else had spotted them, and made a mad dash to them running over anything in my way. I piled about half the stock in my cart....just to make sure I got the right size and that no one else would steal them,  and went to try them on. I bought three! Then, I sent a mass text to my mom's group about them, and they all made a mad dash to go get them too. I'm not crazy I promise!

Honorable mentions about this Walmart trip: I found the perfect brown leather sandals for our mommy and me the next day. I had literally looked all over town to find some, and Walmart had them! Second, I can NEVER find pajamas for Colbie, but I did that day.  Hooray! She can stop wearing Steve Urkel jammies now!

(Okay, also, yes I wore it to church yesterday! And I felt pretty in it so I had to take a picture and show you guys! I love these dresses! Don't mind my crummy cell phone camera :(. But hopefully this week my new iPhone will come in, yay!! Goodbye old cell phone with the cracked screen, awful battery, and terrible camera!

4. On Wednesday I taught the cutest bunch of girls a photography class! I also successfully made them all laugh by getting freaked out by the scary cows that looked like they were going to charge us in the pasture we shot at! :)

5. Yesterday I napped with Colbie in her teepee. It's a space about 4 foot by 3 foot inside. It was fun.....but I may need to set it up on our bed next time. That tile floor was pretty hard....even with a blanket under us ;) I'm sure Jake found it hilarious when he found us in there and my feet were peeking out from underneath the side edges. :)

6. Last but not least, I had an engagement session on Friday night with this gorgeous couple! I was having a grouchy day and they totally turned it around! I can't wait to share the pictures! But here's just a sneak peek for now....besides the one at the top and the various ones all over my social media, haha :)

Well, happy Monday every one! Here's to another fabulous week and fun adventures!



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