Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Mashup Ep.1 | Phoenix Wedding Photographer

Well, hello everyone!! Happy Monday! Did you all have a fabulous weekend?

Want to hear something crazy? I've been kind of nervous to confess this so don't start throwing tomatoes at me! The other week I was thinking about weekends and weekdays, and I realized that I absolutely LOVE my weekdays way more than the weekends! Am I crazy? I love my Monday through Friday! It was so refreshing to me to discover that I don't live for my weekends anymore!

My life is far from perfect, and honestly not as crazy and exciting and adventurous as a lot of people I watch on Instagram, but that's okay! I wanted to create this blog series to share the little moments that colored my week and brought me joy, laughter, and I'm sure a few other today's crying over cupcakes story for instance!

I can't promise these will be long blog posts, but hopefully they'll just be a fun way for me to document and take notice of the beautiful moments in my life and for you all to get to know me a little better!

So, without further ado (I love that phrase :))

So Begins Monday Mashup Episode 1!

1. Guys, I made a teepee! And not just the fort kind you make when you're little when you stick a broom under a sheet and think you're awesome. (Which was still pretty awesome back then.) I wish I would have taken before and after pictures but here's the gist. Three piles of fabric--black, white, gold sequin--2 spools of thread, scissors, sewing machine,  a whole lot of newspaper (cut into a pattern), and 10 hours of laboring with love equaled my second "child" being born. Those stripes weren't already in the fabric. I had to make them! So you can imagine just how much cutting and sewing was involved!I also lined the doors with gold, sequin fabric. My sewing machine hated me and died a few times, but it was soooo worth it. I also found the cutes flower puff balls at Savers for super cheap! Perfect for the teepee topper :)

2. Colbie LOOOOOVVVVEEEDD her new teepee! (For those who don't know, Colbie is my 2 year old daughter :)) I'm breaking this teepee thing into two parts because there are two sides. 1. I got to craft! I love doing fancy DIY projects like this! I enjoy figuring out patterns, making things my own, and creating! And 2. I absolutely love seeing my daughter so happy and joyful! When I finished the teepee early last Monday morning and set it up, she went WILD! I've never seen her move so fast, in and out, around, and under. She'd play in her teepee for a few minutes and then run out, run over, and give me hugs and kisses, and then the whole thing repeated itself over and over. Oh gosh, if she keeps this up, my whole house will be full of teepees :)

3. Colbie started to say a new phrase this last week. One that makes my heart melt every time. She'll come over to me and give me a hug and look me in the eye and say, "Mommy, I happy".  Ah! I could cry every time! Sweet girl! You bring me so much joy!

4. I gave my website a facelift! And added new wedding packages called "Hello Gorgeous". I'm loving how it looks now! I even added a whole page full for detail shots!  If you're bored! Go take a peek! Click here :)

5. I started going to the gym with one of my besties! And Colbie was (semi) happy in their gym day care. The workers only came and got me 2 out of the 3 times we went last week. But, progress, right? Also, I have to confess. I LOVE lifting weights. I hate counting to 12 over and over and over again, haha, but I love how I feel afterwards. I love feeling strong. Not trying to get huge over hear guys :) just toned, and feeling better!

6. Colbie started kicking her legs at the pool last week when I told her to swim! I need to get that girl in swim lessons ASAP! Arizona scares me with all the pools!

7. So, I've been dreaming about a tea party birthday party for Colbie for....well, the past year! Her first birthday we didn't do anything but a cake smash in our house with one little friend over. This year....I kind of went nuts! You'll just have to wait for that blogpost. I think that one deserves a special blog post for itself!But, I can tell you, I worked for hours on the party and when we got there, with the car loaded to max capacity with all the party supplies, and my cupcakes (with little rings in them) that I had worked so hard on spilled out the side of the car and fell to the ground in the dirt and were ruined,I didn't know my body could react so quickly. I cried! And I don't mean just a "shed a tear over the death of my cupcakes", I mean full out ugly cried. It's hilarious now! But, oh man, I'm not cut out for planning parties! If I can't handle a 2 year old birthday party, I better stay away from.....everything else :).

Colbie's face pretty much sums up my face after the cupcakes fell out of the car. Colbie really did have a great time at the party. She just hates pictures! So funny!

And that pretty much wraps up the first weeks of Monday Mashup! Lot's of stuff about my daughter! That's okay, she's really the boss around here after all. :) Thanks for reading guys! Have a fabulous week!




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