Monday, August 15, 2016

Lourena + Glenn | Beautiful Mesa Temple Wedding

I have to say, I'm still in recovery mode from last Saturday's wedding. But in a good way though! I'm having withdrawals from all the fun that happened that day!  I had so much fun celebrating and photographing Lourena and Glenn's wedding! 

I don't think I've ever photographed a wedding where so many people flew in from all around the world! It was so amazing and astounding! I couldn't even tell you all the languages I heard spoken! It was so much fun to be around all of Lourena and Glenn's friends! They had so many, and I can definitely see why! They are such a sweet couple!

The weather was pretty crazy on their wedding! It's August in Mesa, Arizona so it's pretty hot! Their family championed the family pictures at the temple! So proud of them!'
Then later, that night in Tucson, we got hit with the other extreme! A monsoon blew in!

I could not believe how perfect the timing was and how incredible their guests were! It stormed just after everyone had finished eating and the dancing was about to commence! We were all under the Pavilion, so people just moved chairs and tables, helped the DJ move quickly, and they were all ready to party! And oh, did they party!

No storm could dampen this celebration!

It was such  beautiful and joyful day! I'm so grateful that I got to meet these two sweethearts! They are absolutely perfect for one another and it's been such an honor to be around such good people!

Congratulations Lourena and Glenn! So happy for you two! I hope you love all the pictures!

 Oh my goodness, this kid stole my heart! He was so darling!

 Guess who I ran in to!!! These two newlyweds (below on right) ! I love running into my #tsbrides! I adore these two!



Dress: Ebay

Caterer: Silique

Bridesmaid dresses:

Groom's attire: Rose Tuxedos

Invitations: Divas Papers

Vintage Ring Boxes: The Family Joolz

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