Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Lourena + Glenn | Desert Engagement Session | Arizona Wedding Photographer

I don't think there's anything about these two that I could say that could do them justice. From the moment we got out of the car they were cuddling and posing. I was like "Guys, I'm just getting the settings on my camera you don't have to pose." Well, it wasn't posing, it was all normal! They just fit perfectly together. It's like that song from Lion King 2 where Kovu and Kiara are looking in the water.....anyone....anyone? Haha. Okay, maybe I was slightly obsessed with that movie growing up. I've just thought about that scene a lot where they look in the water and only see half of themselves when they are alone, but when they are together they are complete. 

That's one of my favorite things about being a wedding photographer. I'm constantly around couples who's love is just so vibrant, full, and emanating. It reminds me of the beautiful love I have with my husband, how he is my other half and makes me whole, and how I'd never want to spend forever with anyone else.

Thank you Lourena and Glenn for that beautiful reminder. Your love for each other takes my breath away. 

I hope you two love the pictures! And I can't wait to photograph your wedding in August!!!

Lourena is from Mozambique and Glenn served his LDS mission in Africa. Wearing these outfits was  a no brainer for these two! I have to say, I absolutely loved that they did! The clothes, plus this desert, plus these two? Magic. Pure magic!

 I hope you loved the pictures as much as I did!



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