Thursday, May 16, 2019

Tom's Thumb Engagement Session | Jane + Billy

Currently huddled upstairs on the tiny landing in our apartment between the two bedrooms and the bathroom, sitting on the floor and working the night away. It has been a crazy couple of weeks with my husband graduating dental school, beginning the packing process, and painting our apartment back to it's original color. Hence the working on the floor on the tiny landing, because the downstairs looks like a bomb went off! Literally not an ounce of work space....oh, and that little thing about paint fumes, haha. But just a few more weeks before we pack the shipping container and cross our fingers and toes and hope our old cars make it all the way to Saint Louis!! Orthodontic school, here we come.

Lately I've been so sad. It felt like dental school would never end. And now that it has, I'm realizing that while I wished the last four years away, my little girl has been growing up right before my eyes! I mean, I stopped to smell the roses quite a bit. I enjoyed my time with her....but I guess, I'm just starting to get the small bitter taste of how fast time really does fly. We may be in a hard phase of life, and while it may be difficult, messy, stressful, chaotic, and a whole lot of other things, it's a beautiful phase that we'll never ever, ever get back with our kids at this age, this developmental phase, right here, right now.

So, as we go to Saint Louis this next month, even though we're starting more school (these last four years have been the hardest of our lives), I'm going to cherish them, instead of wishing them away, looking forward to when we'll be done with school. Because when we're done with school, I'm sure there will always be more "I'll be happy when.." things.

So I guess my little lesson learned, enjoy each beautiful, messy, phase of life. Take things day by day and be present. Something I hope to live by from now on.

Anyway, WOW! What a tangent!! I started this blogpost to talk about these two beautiful souls, and I must be in an extra chatty mood tonight...or I really have taken in way too many paint fumes ;)

Billy and Jane.

K, first, can we take a second to appreciate just how cute their names are together? I just love them! Second, Jane is probably one of the cutest people you'll ever meet! So completely thorough in her planning and communication, but she also makes the time to create more personal connections! She sent our new little man the cutest baby gift when he came, and also planned a nice lunch out with me! Not sure if she wanted to really chat with me more, or just really wanted to see my cute little man cub. ;) Either way, I loved it!

Billy and Jane were so sweet together at their engagement session. They trudged through so many patches of weeds, thorns, and stickers! She did it in sandals/heels! I absolutely love that they brought their rescue dog, Callie, to the shoot. I loved seeing how they cared for and loved on her!

One of my favorite things to do is make my couples take a step back away from each other, and then walk in and snuggle like they normally would. I love seeing these little details that speak so much about their relationship with each other, and as you can tell, it's a pretty darn beautiful one these two have together.

So excited for you, Billy and Jane! November is going to be an exciting month getting to fly back here to beautiful Arizona to shoot your wedding! I can't wait! I hope you two soak in every second of this beautiful and crazy phase of life!

Hope you loved them as much as I do!




  1. You caught me red handed, I met you to see little man (hehe). Just kidding, loved seeing both of you and hope we can squeeze another get together in before you move! We are so excited for November and to share our day with you! Thank you for capturing these moments and allowing us to bring Callie girl with us. :)

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