Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Cami + Justin || Nevitt Barn Western Wedding || Phoenix Wedding Photographer

I'm pretty sure I've had "The Way You Love Me" by Faith Hill stuck in my head all weekend since this wedding! Go turn it on and look at this blog post, it will make your heart go crazy!

But in case you didn't, you'll still have a hard time not letting your heart pitter-patter, because these two and their love are so sweet and beautiful!

Saturday was an absolutely amazing day! I loved all the Western chic details that Cami and Justin chose for their day! Cami and her bridesmaids (and come to think of it, Justin and his groomsmen too) all wore cowboy boots! It was so cute! And Justin helped build the arch and so many other things that were used at their wedding!

One of the sweetest moments of the night was watching Cami dance with her dad and those sweet little laughs and little tears that came with it.

And another when they had all the couples up and dancing and then had couples slowly sit down by the length of time they'd been married. Justin's parents ended up being the one's there that were married the longest and his dad gave the sweetest advice. He held up his phone and showed a picture of his wife from when they were married. He said to fill your life with sweet reminders of the good things because hard times do come, but having those reminders will help pick you back up and keep you moving forward! I loved that!

Congratulations Cami and Justin! Have fun in Hawaii! I'm so happy for you two and wish you an eternity of happiness! I hope you love the pictures! So glad I got to help with a small part of your day!

 Cami's dress was GORGEOUS, and soooo big! It was so fun to play with all day!

 Oh you guys, these bridesmaids were so cute! And I just LOVED all their dresses!

 Okay, I'm pretty sure this picture is going to make every girl want three flower girls at her wedding! These three were darling!

 Where's waldo? Love getting a picture with my brides and grooms! So sweet that Cami asked for one! I adore you Cami!

I absolutely loved their exit!! They've completely mastered the dip kiss! Hope you loved it!




Cake: Priscilla Valenzuela
Bridesmaid Dresses: Nelipot Apparel
Second Photographer: Nicole Burrup

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