Thursday, April 19, 2018

Gilbert Temple Wedding | Celeste + Michael | AZ Wedding Photographer

Finally getting these two on the blog!! I was lucky enough to get to capture part of their gorgeous wedding day and to do some gorgeous bridals with these two a few days before! Celeste and Michael met while both performing in the BYU group Living Legends! So not only are they both gorgeous, but they are definitely a talented pair! They had quite the crew for their bridal party! And Celeste is definitely a well-loved lady! You'll see her and her girl squad below! Enjoy this little peek into their gorgeous wedding day! 

 LOVED their gorgeous all greenery bouquets!

 Celeste had not one, but two groups of bridemsaids! Those groomsmen were probably in bridesmaid heaven all day! ;) 

 And now for just a few photos from their bridal session!

My favorite time to take pictures of the Gilbert temple is just as the sun has dipped below the horizon! I mean, look at those gorgeous colors!

Hope you loved this little sneak peek into their day!



Thursday, April 12, 2018

Pony Art Project Birthday Party | Colbie's 4th Birthday!!

Our little Colbie girl turned four this last week! It's so hard to believe that four years have really gone by so fast, and every time I look at her, I can't believe she's getting so big!!

Well, after asking Colbie for a few months what kind of party she would like, and going through many, many ideas, Colbie settled on a Pony Art Project birthday party! Makes sense! She loves art projects so much! I'm always looking around for new ideas to do with her, and she loves playing ponies with her friends!

After the idea was decided, she definitely let me know what she wanted. I loved asking her about it, because she would talk excitedly about all the things she was going to do for at least half an hour each time I asked! Needless to say, she was pumped for her party, and she had to invite all her friends!

As for me, I love planning Colbie's birthday parties! Her second birthday party was a princess tea party in the woods, her third was a Rapunzel Unicorn party, and then this one! So needless to say I was excited to plan this. But.....I will add, planning is definitely the fun part for me. :) Executing....whew! That's another story! :) So this year, preparations started days before the actual party began! Several amazon purchases, 6 boxes of cake mix cooked, 4 huge batches of frosting made, a 30 foot giant coloring page drawn, and we got this party started!!

 This 30 foot giant coloring page was probably my best idea! The kids loved it! I have a pretty good knack for drawing simple things like little coloring pages and making them big! This whole thing spanned the length of our apartment and then folded back on itself halfway back! It was huge! The kiddos attacked it with markers, crayons, and water colors the second they got to the party!

 I think I drew 18 ponies for the party! Colbie told me exactly which ones she wanted! This was definitely the funnest part of the preparations for me! :)

 These kiddos were way too fast for me and pictures! But when they got there, they were crowned with pony flower crowns and parents were to pin a little ribbon tail on their little ponies :)
 And then the second art project started! I got these cute little easels and canvases from Amazon! And the pony is a vinyl decal, so once the kids painted the whole thing, they could peel off the sticker and have a perfect little pony picture!

 I'm not going to lie....with about 14 kids around these tables, it was definitely a little wild! But they all seemed to love it!
 Next was Colbie's big idea! A few months ago we visited some cute cousins in Oklahoma and while there, Colbie's cute aunt had the kids decorate cakes like this! Colbie hasn't stopped talking about it since and REALLY wanted to do it at her party! So we baked tons of cake, filled many, many, many, mini icing bags, laid out some sprinkles and candy, and then let the madness begin!

 This wide shot definitely gives you an idea of how crazy it was! But it was fun!

 And of course we let them eat it after! :)
 (Trying to get the all to look at the camera, haha)
 Sprinkle cakes....are a lot harder to make than they look....just saying :)

 Singing time!
 And birthday parties are just made that much better by having the sweetest friends come!!
So grateful for all the cute friends who came to her party and made it such a wonderful day! Colbie is already praying for her next birthday to come!



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