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5 Tips For Choosing The Getting Ready Room | Arizona Wedding Photographer

 Any guesses on what my favorite moment of the day is to capture? I usually say details and portraits of the bride and groom, but now, I'm starting to think the bride getting ready is almost about to surpass those two. There's just something so magical about that moment she puts the dress on, slipping her shoes on in that puffy white gown, the way she takes a deep breath as she puts her earrings and jewelry on, prepping herself for the biggest moment of her life. And then, there's the bridesmaids. Their joy, excitement, and giddiness filling the room as they help tie and puff the bride's dress. Finally, there's that moment when her parents see her for the first time, as a bride, and soon enough everyone's trying not to cry in the hope that their makeup will be spared.

Those are truly some of the most beautiful moments of the day! Part of my job is to capture those moments and make them timeless. Those pictures will be heirlooms that people will see for years!

So, the getting ready room... oh boy....the getting ready room.If you haven't ever been married then you probably have grand visions for this room, if you have, you know it's usually a small hotel room  strewn full of duffle bags, makeup, curling irons, fake eyelashes, coffee cups, and even coolers full of food to help keep those bridesmaids peppy! It's not always the most ideal or picturesque place for taking photos. But, I can always make it work.... as long as there is just one thing.

All I need is a window. Just one! The bigger the better! And if you can, the more the merrier! :)

Why a window? The window allows for natural, soft, beautiful light to color your skin and dress. Normal indoor lighting brings in too much yellow and lights things in an interesting way that's so hard to change in editing. My goal is to make your images as beautiful and consistent as possible throughout the day, and I promise, you'll love the look the window provides!

And, you may think I'm crazy when I say to turn off all the lights and stand by the window. Even if it's a little dark, I promise,  my camera can handle it and the images will look so much better with all that natural light streaming in on you!

Now, a few other tips for the getting ready room:

1. Don't feel like you have to put on your dress in the same room as you get your makeup done! We can find a big room with large windows, lots of space, and plenty of light to get some gorgeous shots. It's also a good excuse to "invest" in a cute bathrobe. (I always tell my husband I'm "investing" in things because it makes me feel better about buying them :))

2. I love rooms with white walls for getting ready rooms! If you can't have white walls, choose a room with light colored walls! The lighter the color, the more light that reflects off of the walls and onto you and your bridesmaids! Plus, I just LOVE white in pictures! It makes them look so light and airy!

3. A large room is great, but if we don't have any room, don't worry! I've been known to move things, clear walls, push beds back, move desks. So don't stress when you're picking a hotel, we'll make it work!

4. Last but not least, do your best to keep that window spot clear of water bottles, makeup, coffee cups, etc. :)

5. This one isn't really about the room, but plays a big role in how the getting ready pictures turn out. Try to have all the bridesmaids in their dresses with hair and makeup done before the bride gets in her dress. It makes for some beautiful pictures of the bridesmaids fluffing the dress, laughing, helping her get her shoes on, and continuing to tell the color story for the day!

Well, there you have it! Everything you need to know to make your getting ready room a beautiful photographic experience!

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