Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Princess Tea Party | Colbie's 2nd Birthday

Well, given that it's almost been a month, I thought I'd better get these pictures up on the blog!

But first. I just have to say. I REALLY love nap time. And I fight for it too! If Colbie is in the car and starts to fall asleep before her nap time, I turn  the music up and start a dance party with her, ask her questions, sing at the top of my lungs, and do anything I can to keep her awake.

Nap time is sacred! I bring that up because Colbie is napping right now and that's the only reason I'm getting this up on the blog!

Heaven help me when she stops taking naps! :)

Anyway, back to this special girl! It was her birthday last month!!

About 8 months ago, this crazy idea came to me to have a princess tea party for her. And not just any tea party. A magical princess tea party in the woods with a ceiling of balloons and pom pom puffs.

Well.....it was a lot less spectacular than I had dreamed up---the lighting wasn't perfect, the decorations didn't fill the space as much as I had hoped, the trees weren't exactly a magic forrest, it was a little less green and a lot more brown---but it was still fun!

The day before her birthday, I worked away in the kitchen making her cake and cupcakes, stayed up late into the night making those little pom pom ball things to hang from the trees, and really tried to make everything perfect.

The day of, I began packing the car full of goods. And it was PACKED. To the brim! I may have been feeling a little super stressed at this point! Party planning is definitely not my forte :)

As we unloaded the car, I opened the back door to grab some things, and my beautiful cupcakes with special princess rings that I had topped them with fell to the ground in the dirt parking lot.

And the weirdest thing happened. It was like it was instinctual. As quick as a blink, my body flooded with 50 different emotions and I started to cry! And I mean ugly cry! Haha. Jake saw the whole thing, and I could tell he felt bad for me, but at the same time was trying not to go to the doghouse for laughing at how ridiculous it was. At least I can laugh about it now right? Oh what a ridiculous moment, but I just wanted things to be perfect!

Well, after about 2 minutes of bawling, I pulled myself together and decided to make do without them. I didn't even clean them up :) Just left them there in the dirt parking lot. (Jake picked them up later :))

Well, some of our closest friends came to the rescue--helping us carry our carload of stuff a football field's length down a hill and into the woods, brought tables, and my friend's husband even ran and got cupcakes. Thank you, Andrew!!

The kids  (5 girls and 1 boy--we joke it's like the bachelor :)) had a ton of fun!

But I think I learned my lesson. Next year it's pizza in the park for Colbie! That is, unless I become obsessed with some other extravagant idea..... :)

Anyways! I hope you enjoy the pictures! We ended our little tea party with some giant bubble making!

Happy Birthday to our little girl who, when asked how old she is says ,"Two old"....or as I like to think she's saying "Too old". :) Love you Colbie! You light up my life!

 By the end of the party she was so tired! This girl hates pictures!

Even though it was stressful to put together it was fun!!



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