Monday, August 31, 2015

Fun Vacations and Sweet Reunions

As many of you know, my hunk of a hubby just started his first year of dental school. We were originally supposed to start a year ago, but that wasn't in the plan for us. After a surprise back surgery (I'll include more details in a following post), we had to take a year off of school and let my husband's back heal.

I have been sort of dreading dental school ever since I was told that it pretty much consumes their life--constantly studying, tests all the time, no life.

Well, I'm pretty darn attached to my hubby. We were high school sweethearts, waited for him on his mission, he's my best friend, and I just plain adore him. The thought of him barely being in my life for four years was terrifying.

I think I cried the whole first day of dental school, haha. I couldn't help it! Before school officially started they had an ATSU + 1 orientation for all the spouses. I need to find the sheet, so I can show you what they told us there. I think it was just to scare us so we'd be more understanding....and it worked.

Here are a few things they said:

-most spouses with children feel like a single parent
-you'll be lucky to see them for an hour a day
-they will be super stressed and probably take it out on you
-when people ask you how your spouse is, you'll be like "what spouse?.....oh, that guy? Umm, I don't really know?".

Great. that we're about a month in a half in....I'd have to say that all of those are pretty accurate. He does okay on the stress thing, except that it's definitely a challenge to get his brain off of school when we finally are together.

Anyway! Back to the point of this post! I think my coping mechanism for all this change is.......dun, dun, dun!!!

Running away!!....uh hem.....I mean, traveling :)

I think since school started I've been to Las Vegas, Silver City twice, and then this last trip to Idaho for 2 1/2 weeks. Not much time at home, but not much time with the hubby either way. I'm going to try to start settling in. I can't run away forever right?

You could tell he really missed me this last time. After 2 1/2 weeks of cooking his own dinners and doing his own laundry.....and coming home to an empty house---I'd be pretty lonely too.

I came home to a super cute handmade "welcome home sign" which I forgot to take a picture of! (sorry Jake!) and these beautiful roses, chocolate, and note.

He knows me too well. Mmmm, chocolate :)

He's so good at phrasing things.....and making me cry like a baby with all this tenderness!
Made me feel pretty special :) I've always been a cry baby, so you can imagine the mess I was :)

It was one of the cutest things to hear him tell me why he chose the roses. "I wanted something special. I was going to get you other flowers, but then I saw these and there's something more romantic about red roses..... right?"

Sounds cheesy when I write it, but you could tell he really put a lot of thought into it, and it made my whole weekend. Now I'm just enjoying smelling my sweet roses before I have to toss them. I wish they would stay good forever!!

Anyway, I love the line he wrote: "May you have many more fun vacations to come and may we have many more sweet reunions." Cue the heart melting.

As for my trip to Idaho to see my family? It was amazing! I'm so glad Colbie finally got to spend time with my family and learn to love them. We loved it. You can see a few photos below from our trip :) (Sorry for the lame photos. My phone takes TERRIBLE photos and it's more work than you think packing around my big DSLR camera :))

Flying alone with a toddler was slightly terrifying. She's an amazing travel buddy though! Once the plane started moving she crashed and didn't wake up until it stopped :) Hallelujah!

My mini me! Like I said in a previous post. She's exactly like me except add a whole lot of crazy :) Love her!

Off to go four wheeling!! 

Colbie doesn't get to ride....,but mom sure had fun!

Melissa bribed her with Pancake Manor youtube videos. The way to Colbie's heart :)

Exploring grandma's giant garden!

Why did I include this? I took this for Jake, but look at that corn!! And it was soooo good!

It's a little colder in Idaho than Arizona. Sporting Mom's hoodie, living the thug life.

Playing in the backyard. Love those pigtails!

We had to share a bed. I probably woke up like this 90% of the time.

This girl just got back from New Zealand! She was my get-away buddy. We got to go to the dollar theater a few times while my other sisters babysat.

I can't believe this is my parent's backyard! So pretty!

Her favorite thing was to crawl up and play on everyone's computers. We're teaching her bad habits! 

Taking happy pictures for "Dada" every morning.

I have about 20 of these for everyday we were gone, trying to get a good one to send, haha.

Day before I went home. Headed on a walk, enjoying beautiful Idaho!

Did I mention how much I love clouds? That is my favorite part of flying. It is such a magical experience  flying past these enormous, white, fluffy clouds. Makes me think of heaven.

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Trisha Shelley Photography

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Amanda | Senior

Being in Idaho the past week has been so fun! Getting to hang out with my family, showing off my little one, and getting to see my sister who's been gone for the past year in a half in New Zealand on a church mission! I missed her!

But today I get to talk about another little sister of mine. (I have a small family--there's only 5 boys, 4 girls and don't forget the parents.......pretty small ;))

So I have 4 sisters.
-Kelly, the one that's really close to me in age (she's the one that went to New Zealand), we're completely different, fought ALL THE TIME when we were little, but love the heck out of each other now. Whenever I do something crazy she just shakes her head and says "oh, Trisha". :)

-Next is Amanda, my little mini me in looks, but not in personality. She's the star today.

-Last but not least, my littlest sister, Melissa, is like me + a whole lot of crazy all bottled up in a 13 year old body. She's my partner in crime! I may have to do a little photoshoot with her soon too :)

But on to the beautiful Amanda. It was so fun to spend time with her while taking her senior portraits and get to know this not so little young women that's grown up right underneath my nose!

She is so special. Gifted. Talented. Beautiful. Intelligent. Kind. Happy.

Probably one of the most gentle hearted people I know. It was fun to help her let loose a little bit as we began shooting. By the end, she was a little model! "Work it, guuurrrrl!!"

I'm so happy with how this session turned out! Probably one of my best to date!! (I pulled out some new techniques with my camera settings and editing.)

The last ones are my favorite! Enjoy!

I seriously can't get over how gorgeous Idaho is right now!

The flower patch may have looked nice, but we found these nice spiky surprises when we got in. Completely worth it though!

 Told ya it was worth it.



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