Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Polet + Angel | Sedona Engagement Session | Phoenix Wedding Photographer

They took a day trip to Sedona. They visited several of their favorite spots. She couldn’t help but wonder. Will it be today? He took her to a fancy restaurant. By the time the server came to ask if they wanted dessert, she had resolved that it wasn’t happening. "That's okay," she thought. False alarm. It was still an incredible trip.

They walked out of the restaurant. It was a little chilly but they stood outside, admiring the view. Before they left, he said, “Let’s take a picture before we go.” A selfie wouldn’t do. They asked a person nearby. He nervously passed the phone to someone he’d never met before. A stranger who he was trusting to capture one of the most important moments of his life. 

“On the count of three….1, 2, 3.” They smiled at the camera.

 He said, “One more, just in case.”

As they smiled for the camera, and as the shutter was about to click, he made his move. He got down on one knee. And there, in the beautiful and captivating city of Sedona that they had both grown to love as they dated, he asked this woman, who had completely entranced to be his life companion.  


And as almost every girl dreams, he caught it on camera.

As I listened to Polet tell me this story, along with how they met, it was hard not to notice how she lit up as she talked about Angel.

When she said they had gotten engaged in Sedona, I replied that I had been dreaming of doing a shoot up there! We decided right then and there that this had to happen.

And, oh yes, yes it did!

Not only had I been dreaming about doing one in Sedona, now I can’t stop dreaming about how incredible it was!

These two just lit up in front of my camera. Pure magic from the whole session!

Congratulations Polet and Angel! You two are perfect for each other! I couldn’t help but bubble over with joy as I photographed you two! It was so beautiful to see that kind of love! I hope you love the pictures!

This area was so beautiful! What you don't know is that literally 2 minutes before it was littered with people all over it, sliding down the rocks and playing in the water. We got there right as they were kicking everyone out. We had to rush because we were getting yelled at to move. But I must say, the stress of being quick and getting yelled at was TOTALLY worth it!

I hope you loved them!



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