Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Storm | Senior | Phoenix Wedding Photographer

So a few days ago I got the prettiest announcement in the mail! It was a graduation announcement for this girl right here! The announcement was gorgeous and at least eight of my images were featured! I was so happy that she liked my images that much!

We had quite the time at both of these shoots....actually three in total in the last month in a half that I've had Storm in front of my camera!

The first time we got rained out and drowned our sorrows in fruit snacks while we tried to wait out the rain (I always have a stash---when you have a 2 year old, it's a necessity!)

The second time, the wind was blowing like crazy! But she totally owned it!!

Finally, the last time, was when I did a family session with Storm and her family. We were endlessly attacked by flies! Literally. I would pose them, then have to count to three. On one and two they would swat like crazy and on three they would pose. It was nuts.

But through it all, Storm did amazing! She didn't fight the elements, she owned them....well, except the flies :), and we got some gorgeous images! All the while, I absolutely adored getting to know her and her sister Journey better. Storm has big dreams and aspirations, and it's an incredible experience associating with someone so driven!

Now, enjoy the images! :) We definitely worked to get these shots considering all the elements! Thank you Storm for allowing me to capture you! You are so incredibly beautiful, inside and out!  Best wishes to you and your future! Congratulations graduate!

Stay tuned! On Friday, I'll be featuring her sister, Journey!

I hope you loved them! I've been obsessed since I took them! Happy Wednesday everyone!!



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