Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Baby Elijah | Lifestyle Newborn | Arizona Wedding Photographer

Newborns haven't been my thing for a while. They are the sweetest things on the planet but there came a point when I had to start saying "no". Before, I tried to do more styled newborn shoots, but that entailed lots and lots of setup and take down, tons of props, heaters, bean bags, wraps, etc. It just wasn't my passion. I'll definitely be leaving that to pros like my friend Jessica. But this last week, I made an exception....kind of.

I've known the John family for 14 years now? Has it really been that long?? I used to babysit their little ones who, just so happen to all be taller than me now! Well, this sweet family had a special "Aunt Becca" that I heard about almost every time I came to visit!

Well, a few months ago, her Kristine (wonder mom of the kids I used to babysit!) asked me about doing the newborns for Aunt Becca. She was having her first little one. It killed me to say no since I've known them so long, but I just couldn't do the big newborn shoot. But then, I had an idea. I'd never done it before but decided to see if Becca would want a lifestyle newborn shoot instead. The answer was a definite "yes" which I was so happy about! It was more their style  and my style anyway :) 

So last week, the day finally came! I got to meet the famous Aunt Becca! We took these pictures just two days after they got out of the hospital from the C-section. Baby Elijah was so sweet! I love being near newborns--so fresh from heaven. 

Their session was magical. Usually I need to bring a lot of energy to shoots, to direct, to get people to laugh, to relax them, but for this, it was different. It was quiet, peaceful, soft, tender. It was beautiful. I was so grateful I got to spend time with this sweet family!

 Congratulations Becca and Brandon! Elijah is so handsome! I hope you absolutely love the pictures!

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