Sunday, June 5, 2016

Monday Mashup | Ep. 6 | Arizona Wedding Photographer

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I'm going to get really real with you guys this week. It's one of those days/weekends that I just want to sit in my cozy pajamas, lay on the couch, cuddle in a blanket, and sleep for days! These last few weeks have worn me out! I had so, so much fun, but boy am I ready to kick back and relax for a few days and get back into the swing of daily life!

And newsflash guys, in case you haven't noticed, Arizona, is hot, hot, HOT right now! Another perfectly wonderful excuse to say inside and watch movies right? :)

Since last week was a holiday, I decided to take the day off! Now for two week's of updates! (I can't promise this will be a long post--sleep is calling my name! :))

1. Guys, I've proved my rookie status once again.....well, thrice again! We had another Sharpie on the couch incident, which was again successfully navigated. However, the other two.....weren't quite as easy to clean up! Colbie discovered nail polish. Oh boy. For a while she's known how to untwist lids, so I've been trying to be so careful with my makeup (which by the way, she got into my mascara this week and did a great job at darkening her eyebrows :)) and other twistable lid items....such as nail polish. Well, we had just finished painting our nails at Grandma's house and I had gotten a phone call. I looked away for two minutes, and in that time, she dumped black nail polish all over Grandma's living room carpet.

Ooooh, that was not a good next hour in a half of cleaning up. Good news. Grandma couldn't even tell it was there. Bad news, it's because I covered it with a box.

Whew, glad that was an easy fix.

Okay, just kidding :) I scrubbed and scrubbed like a maniac. It looked pretty good and she really couldn't tell that it had spilled....(I think she was just being nice though.)

In other news, Colbie got into my nail polish at home just two days later and spilled it on a comforter. I probably shouldn't have, but I took the "Meh, it's just a material thing" approach this time. All about perspective right?.....and it wasn't our brand new couch, haha, so we're all good :)

2. Oh, I probably should have said this first, but I'M HOOOOOOOOMMMMMEEEEE! I had the most amazing trip with my family, but it's so nice to sleep in my own bed. Plus, I got to take a little bit of home with me.

My super cute 14 year old sister!!

And here's the best part! I get to keep this little being of cuteness for a whole month! Hello built in chef! ;)

3. My last night in Idaho, I got to do this! I think this picture is completely sufficient enough explanation!  No need to say more :) If I could add a heart eye emoticon to this comment, I totally would!

4. I bought my plane tickets to KANSAS!!! In case you missed it, I'm flying to Kansas in December to photograph a wedding for one of Jake's dental school classmates! I couldn't be more excited!

5. On Saturday it was predicted to be 117 degrees outside. It only hit 115. Whew, dodged that bullet. So what do you do in Arizona for photo sessions? Do your sessions at 5 in the morning! :) On Saturday I met these two troopers in the desert in the early morning. It was completely and utterly worth it! (Full blogpost coming tomorrow!)

6. I babysat the cutest kids this weekend while they're parents were out of town. It was my second time doing it for them! Those kids just stole my heart again!

7. We took the family up to Mesa Falls right before Colbie and I had to fly home. I already miss my family so much! I love the joy and happiness in their home! Colbie keeps asking Siri on my iPhone to take her to Grandma's house. It's the sweetest thing ever! "Gramma house, gramma house".

And I'll end on that! Enjoy these few pictures from that little trip! Have a wonderful week everyone!  (Fair warning: There is tons of Colbie cuteness towards the bottom. Prepare yourself!)

Colbie loved her Aunt Betsy!


When she hold hands it always has to be with 2 people :)

 Colbie loved chasing me over and over again yelling "Rawr! Rawr! Rawr!!"

  Here she comes!!

 I didn't make the cut for this picture ;)

Happy Monday!



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