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My Wedding Day Secret Weapon | Wedding Thursday | Phoenix Wedding Photographer

All right friends! Today I'm telling you about my biggest wedding day secret weapon!

It's going to sound so silly, but I promise, this is how I always make sure I get the images I want and the images my brides love on the wedding day.

Has anyone ever been in a wedding? Seen the behind the scenes? If you're a guest, it almost always seems completely put together--everything runs smoothly (except for maybe the ceremony starting a few minutes late), and it's just this beautifully perfect masterpiece.

Well, believe me, you can do all the planning in the world, but in most cases the wedding day gets a little crazy behind the scenes.

At one of my latest weddings, we were in the middle of the bride and groom portraits. I had them posed next to this gorgeous wall of flowers. We were so excited about it. Then, out of nowhere, came an enormous swarm of bees that made camp right next to us(which also happened to be right next to the ceremony location.) After we all ran away screaming....(okay, after I ran away screaming ;))  I heard one of the bridesmaids say "something always has to go wrong on the wedding day, this is it."

Well, I'm here to tell you, yes, things might get a little crazy on the wedding day, things may not go as planned, but here's my one tip that can help.

Create a solid, cushy timeline with your photographer. Those gorgeous detail shots, getting ready portraits, reception details, ceremony details, first look, etc, etc....don't happen all on their own!  I'd be running around like a chicken with my head cut off if I didn't have a plan! My brides all know how I am about the timeline :)

Some weddings have worked out where the timeline was followed 100%. For one wedding, I planned in 20 minutes of family portraits (guys, that's pretty amazing to get them all done in that time), and we finished in 18 minutes flat during the exact time that I had scheduled! I had a backup cushion time, but this made the whole day flow easier!

And some weddings, things get jumbled, hair and makeup takes longer, flowers don't get there in time. It happens. That's okay. Don't stress if it does. Then it's up to me to make it work, make quick decisions, have my second photographer do more, and do the best I can. It all works out. I promise. But you are guaranteed all your faves if you can do your best to make that timeline work!

So, want a sampling of my timeline? (This is just a general timeline. I definitely work with my brides and make personalized timelines for each wedding that I do :))

1. I start the day scoping out the best possible locations for portraits at the venue.
2. Start bridal details (45 minutes)
3. Bride getting ready shots (30 minutes ) *special note: bridesmaids, moms, and anyone helping get the bride in the dress need to be dressed before this--makes for classy, gorgeous pictures!
4. First look and portraits (45 minutes) (if the bride doesn't opt for a first look we get bridal party shots done early and as many family pictures possible done!
5. Bride goes in hiding  while I take ceremony and reception detail shots (30-40 minutes)
6. Ceremony!
7. Family pictures, bride and groom sunset pictures, full bridal party pictures (60-90 minutes** whatever I can get!)
8. Reception (I just follow the DJ ---love those guys!)

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  1. I never knew that planning for photography during a wedding required so much preparation. But I have to admit, the outcome of all the hard work is truly incredible to see.


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