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Adriane + Mikey | El Encanto Wedding | Arizona and SW New Mexico Wedding Photographer

The maid of honor and the best man had just given their emotional, meaningful, funny, and tender speeches about the bride and groom. Tears of love and joy had just been shed all around the room for this sweet newlywed couple. Everyone waited for the father of the groom to begin his speech.

But then, out of nowhere came the fumbling sound of a mic. And then, over the speaker sounded:

"Ummm................................(deep breathing)"

 Everyone looked around to see what was happening. 

And then we all saw him. Little 6 year old Joey, Adriane and Mikey's twin son had stolen the mic. At the sound of his voice he seemed a little taken aback, but seconds later he built up his courage again.

He wanted a chance to give a speech. After hijacking the mic, Joey proceeded to give the speech of his life at his parent's wedding.  He went through each person at the bridal party's table.

"...and this is my brother, Michael. He likes playing video games."

"This is my Mom and Dad. They got married today."

"This is my mom and she is beautiful."

"This is my Dad and he likes to work."

"This is my twin sister and she likes.......ummmm......hmmmm....ummmm.....she likes eating breakfast."

The crowd was dying laughing. The tears of joy and love that were previously shed were replaced with tears of laughter and joy at the simple truths that come out of the mouths of babes! With every round of new laughs, Joey just fed off of it all and kept going. I was afraid he was going to come to me and say "This is Trisha and she won't let me me use her big camera.", haha. 

Well, he finally made his way to his Grandpa and said:

 "This is my Grandpa, and I love him so much."

Everyone's hearts, if they hadn't melted already, melted like butter. It was just the sweetest moment! After a long hug, Joey's Grandpa finally convinced him that his speech had been long enough and that it was his turn to share a few words. 

As the Father of the groom took the floor, the room that was just filled with roars of laughter, was now so silent you could have heard a pin drop. Everyone was listening on the edge of their seats to the loving and wise words of the groom's father that were filled with so much love towards Mikey and Adriane. His soft, yet powerful words filled the room, welcoming Adriane into their family. Everyone there knew that they had just witness something special.

Mikey and Adriane's day was full of moments like this! My heart almost burst when we did the first look with blindfolds! Their love for each other and the fun they have with each other just exuded from them!! I'm so grateful that I had the privilege to capture this beautiful beginning to this chapter in their life!

Congratulations Mikey and Adriane!! I just adore you two!! I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek into your day!!

Special thanks to my great and talented friend, Marquette Laree, for helping me capture the day! 

Her Grandma's perfume! Seriously, so sweet!
Her high heels got stuck int he grass! Sunk right in! It was so funny and terrifying watching her wobble in a blindfold! I was scared for the dress! They were dying laughing the whole time too!
Meet Joey and his twin sister Jordan :) (Adriane and Mikey's twins)
Not long after the ceremony Adriane ditched her heels and Mikey his shoes! I thought these pictures were fun to capture the moment, haha :) Weddings are so long! Comfy shoes are a must!
Umm, I'm sort of dying over here about these Star Wars socks! In case you didn't know, I'm Star Wars fan! My family may be getting these socks for Christmas this year! :)
A litte R2D2 love!
The man (lil' Joey) himself giving the speech that brought down the house!)

What an amazing day!! Congratulations again Mikey and Adriane!!!



Dress: David's Bridal   |   Florist: Theresa Lugo   |   DJ: Mike Gamboa   |   Cake: Michelle Flores   |   Catering: El Encanto  |   Bridesmaid's Dresses: Gowns Gifts N More   |   Groomsmen wear: Gowns and More   |   Invitations: Unicorn Press   

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