Friday, May 19, 2017

The Woody Family | Beautiful Rustic Barn Family Session | Arizona Wedding Photographer

Today is the day! Yay! I get to have one of my favorite families hit the blog! Whitney is one of Colbie's favorite babysitters and I think her cute kiddos have a little something to do with it too! Last year I had this cute family in front of my camera and it was one of my favorite family sessions from last year, and this year I think they've done it again! I love how easy and natural they are with each other! I absolutely love capturing those beautiful interactive moments! 

I think being a mom to my little girl has also made me absolutely love those parent/child pictures! As a parent, you love your little one more than heaven and earth and those sweet moments with them are so precious! They grow so fast! So when I approach a shoot like this, I think about those moments I would want captured with me and my little girl and shoot for that. To preserve these precious little moments of them at this tiny, tender age, the way they see the world, the way the look and love their mommy and daddy, and just the pure sweetness of being so innocent.

Aaaah, shoots like this are good for the soul. Thank you so much Whitney for letting me capture these beautiful moments and for being such a kind, genuine, and caring friend! We love you guys!

 Hahaha, I loved this next one!



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