Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Cody + Adam || Beautiful Hacienda Del Sol Wedding || Arizona Wedding Photographer

A few weeks ago I was doing Cody and Adam's engagement session, and today I get to blog their wedding! From the moment Cody first asked me to be her photographer, I have been so excited for this blogpost--to share the beautiful story of their day! Cody and her sister Cassie are both photographers, so when a fellow photographer picks you to capture their special day, it's one of the biggest compliments you can ever get!

One thing I learned really quickly during Cody and Adam's engagement session is that they are just so easy with each other. The way they held each other, laugh, and snuggled....none of it was forced for the camera. It was almost like I wasn't there! They were just enjoying every single moment they could get with each other--soaking it all in! I love that type of love!

Their wedding was absolutely beautiful! My favorite moment of the whole day was when the officiant took the time at the end of the ceremony to point out just how special their union was, and how their first meeting wasn't just by chance. Sometimes, there are these moments in life where you take a step back and and you get a little divine glimpse of your life---where you realize that the course of your life (experiences, struggles, joys) weren't just by accident, but that you were actually prepared for certain moments. I'm so grateful I got to hear the sweet words of the officiant and get that little reminder in my own life.

The rest of the day was absolutely beautiful! Every little detail was perfection, down to all the beautiful signs and invitations specially hand lettered by Cody and her twin sister Cassie! And okay, my second favorite part of the day was photographing Cody with Cassie! If I had a twin, I would hope that I would be as close as these two are! Looking at the pictures it makes me wish I had a twin so bad!

Congratulations Cody and Adam!! Your wedding could not have been more beautiful! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it! I hope you love this little sneak peek of your wedding!



Cake/Catering: Hacienda Del Sol
Groom and Groomsmen Attire: Men's Warehouse
Invitations: The Bride!
Second Photographer: Nicole Burrup
Styling Board: Heirloom Bindery

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