Wednesday, May 31, 2017

First Film Scans | Arizona Wedding Photographer

Yesterday was the start of my two week adventure away from the heat of Arizona to visit Idaho and then England! About two weeks ago my sweet friend Ryann texted me inviting me to second shoot a wedding in England at a castle. Well, even though I already had plans to visit family, I knew that I couldn't pass up this once in a life time chance! After a mad dash to passport office to expedite my passport, and some quick trip planning, it's all happening!!

Yesterday Colbie and I hopped on my first plane of 8 in the next two weeks! We said goodbye to my sweet husband and flew up to Idaho! Colbie was so excited to be on an airplane! When we got on, she wouldn't let go of my hand for anything!

Once we arrived at Grandma's house, she was right at home! Now she's busy wrapping everyone around her little fingers! It's kind of hard not to when you're that cute. :)

Another exciting thing happened last night as well! I got an email from my film lab delivering my very first film scans from my first few rolls of film I've ever shot! I've always been intrigued by film and was always so nervous to take the plunge and just try it! A few weeks ago, I decided it was time and took the plunge! I've had a few wonderful friends help me to learn the basics as I try to learn!

I've always loved the look of film and even try to emulate it with the digital photos I take! But the main reason I wanted to try film was to make myself become more intentional with my posing, use of light, and composition of my images. With film, you just have 16 images per roll of film and each image costs you about $2-3 to shoot! And to top things off, it's usually better to manually focus. With those contingencies, that will really make you slow down! Usually I'm like the paparazzi going crazy behind the camera, haha.

This shoot was so fun to practice! It really did make me slow down and think through each pose and trying to make things look different! Just like anything else you try to learn for the first time, it just feels like there are a million things to remember! But it was so refreshing (and scary!) to make myself work even harder for that perfect shot! The last few weeks I've been on pins and needles just waiting to see if they turned out okay, or if they were all just a pile of blurred shots! I really thought I might have a roll of just blank images, haha! But thanks to my sweet friends for teaching me a few things it turned out okay!

I know I still have so much to learn, and for now, I'm just going to keep film as more of a passion project for me to just enjoy and keep learning! But don't be surprised if I show up at your session and ask if I can take a few shots :) Now that I've started, it's becoming addicting!

Now to this session! Alyssa is a sweet senior that's offered to model for me whenever I asked! I couldn't help but call her up for this! She was so sweet--I texted her the night before and she was still willing to make it work!! Thank you so much, Alyssa!! She was so darling, and I always love getting to hang out with her! I was brave on this shoot and only took my film camera! I was a bit nervous about making sure she got images that would work, but I couldn't help but just dive all on--especially on this shoot that was more for fun! :) Thank you Alyssa for being brave!

I can't wait to practice more in England! Two more days and counting until the trip begins!

 We did this shoot at one of my favorite spots! It only opens up once a year when they drain a lake! I was going to have our anniversary pictures done here, but the day of I checked on it and it was full of water! So glad I got to do one session there while I could! :)

 Just another note about film, it reads colors and whites differently than digital. I just love the look of film!

Alyssa, you are stunning! Thank you again!

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