Monday, March 14, 2016

Jack + Mackenzie Desert Engagement Session | Arizona Wedding Photographer

Okay, so you know your engagement session went really well when you come home and your abs hurt from laughing and your cheeks are sore from smiling so much!.....well, either that or I really need to start doing more ab workouts ;)

I know Mackenzie through my husband. She's in his same dental class! Future dentist alert! and I know she'll be great! 

Mackenzie's parents came all the way from Kansas  to visit her for spring break, and they tagged along for the engagement session. It was so fun to watch Jack interact with his future in-laws. You could tell a lot about each of them from from just how easy going and teasing they were. He's already a part of the family!

Jack and Mackenzie did so good! They were so easy going and fun! For the first part of our session we had a pretty good audience (those rocks are pretty popular I guess!:)), but Jack and Mackenzie just did their own thing and rocked their shots and just went for it!

It was so fun to hear their love story--how Jack won her over and stole her away! Wise guy. Mackenzie is a good one! Yesterday was her birthday! Happy Birthday Mackenzie! Hopefully these photos will extend her birthday bliss! Hope you all enjoy this desert engagement session!

These two had serious model face skills! When I try I look angry. When they tried, they looked amazing!

But, getting these two to do their serious face never lasted long. They were so fun! We laughed the whole way through their session!

Hope you all enjoyed!!


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