Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Reed Family | Desert Family Session | Arizona Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Some days the world seems pretty small! A couple weeks ago, I opened my Facebook inbox to find a message from a girl all the way in Nebraska! She said she was coming to visit Mesa, AZ and was looking for a photographer to do her family pictures. She said she ran across my page and fell in love with my style! (Thank you girl! Best compliment ever!)

She also mentioned the reason for their trip was for her husband to come back to his school for a class or training of some sort because they had been gone on rotations. Hmmmm....that got me thinking, and I had to ask :)

Come to find out, her husband was just finishing up school where my husband just started! And the even neater thing was, even though there were thousands of miles between us, and I'm sure she's the only person I know that lives in Nebraska, we had a mutual friend! So fun! Isn't it funny that little connections like that just help you feel so connected to someone?

Well, so we set a date and made it work! She wanted desert and lots of Saguaro! I knew just the place :) This sweet family was the cutest thing! I absolutely enjoyed every minute of their session! Just wait until you see their stylin' little man!  We giggled the whole way through. Confession: Sometimes I make my clients do silly things that feel soooo awkward, but look amazing on camera. . Those are my favorite because the laughs are so genuine. They completely owned all those shots!

Really you guys, you might just be blown away at just how cute they were! Also, if you're desert haters.....this may change your mind! :) Thank you Jenna for trusting me with your cute family and pictures! I hope you love them!! I adored you all so much!

Of course I had to steal them away for a little couple time! I love photographing couples! These two have already done so much and built so much together! I just love how in love they are!

Hope you all love the desert as much as I do now! Hope you enjoyed!


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