Sunday, February 7, 2016

Thatcher AZ Wedding | Phoenix Wedding Photographer

So, in my church there is a thing called "Girl's Camp". Every summer, the 12-18 year olds and their leaders go into the mountains and camp for a week. They spend the week learning physical and spiritual survival skills, focusing on God and Christ, singing endless amounts of camp songs, and bonding in ways you just wouldn't normally.

Now that that's established, I have to tell you...there is this thing called a "Yuckle". Adored by many, feared by some, and rolled eyes at by others.

Now, when you're a 12 year old girl, just hitting puberty, super awkward, learning that you need to shower more twice a week....ewww......and you see these beautiful, put together, kind and caring 17 and 18 year olds bending over backwards to make your experience just think the world of them.

What's so funny about this story is that my friend Erin with Sunshine Picture Project asked me if I'd like to shoot this wedding with her, and I later discovered I had known the bride when I was a young teen--what a coincidence!

Amanda was one of the "Yuckles". Or rather, a YCL (Youth Camp Leader)....which is affectionately called a Yuckle. And not just any Yuckle. She was the "adored by many" kind of yuckle.

So, still, when I picture Amanda, I picture that joyful, caring, loving, amazing YCL that everyone adored. She didn't remember me, but I didn't expect that. I couldn't remember my little campers if I tried either :) (The memory is the first thing to go when you get old, take it from me guys, haha ;))

When she walked out of the temple she was married in, the crowd went wild. You could tell she was just as beautiful of a person on the inside as she is on the outside.

I hope you enjoy all of these images that I captured on their special day!

I'm so glad Erin from Sunshine Picture Project invited me to second shoot for her to help capture priceless moments at the temple  with this stunning bride. If you want to see the full wedding on her FB page click here.

 Congratulations Amanda and Brian!!

 Three generations, all together!
Thatcher, Arizona LDS Temple

 This family and bridal party were so fun! You can probably guess, but they were playing Tug of her wedding dress!

 How do you show your sister you love her on her wedding day? Jump on her when she's all decked out in her dress!


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