Thursday, March 22, 2018

Bumble Couple's Romantic Papago Park Engagement Session | Cristina + Vince | Arizona Wedding Photographer

Okay you guys, you are seriously in for a treat today! First off, these two have some of the sweetest souls I've ever met. Second, they have the most adorable love story. Finally, third, you have to read it! I asked Cristina if I could share her story and she said yes! If these pictures don't make you fall in love with these two, I'm quite certain their love story will!

From Cristina:

"Nowadays, it seems like everyone's always meeting online. That's how we met... Bumble. Jokingly, we say we found each other on Craigslist's Missed Connections but, let's be fair, we need to give Bumble the credit they deserve.

Vince was my first match. Not knowing how to use the app, I had no idea that it was the girl's responsibility to initiate a conversation within 24 hours. Still trying to figure out the rules, I ended up not starting a chat with him and the "connection" expired forever! "Oh well...on to the next one" I thought, but then day two, I get a little notification saying "Vince used his one chance and extended this connection - you have 48 hours to respond"; THANK GOD! 

After a couple weeks of chit-chat, and me doing my due diligence in making sure he wasn't going to kidnap me, we decided to meet at a small Italian restaurant in the Biltmore area. For me, I was instantly attracted to Vince's confidence and his humor, but as far as first impressions go, when I first saw him walking towards me, I thought to myself, "Wow, this guy sure knows how to dress!". He works in Finance, and he had come straight from the office still dressed in his business attire. I on the other hand, left work 2 hours early so I could go home and change, do my hair and makeup, change again, and act like I came straight from work. 

We ended up talking for hours and hours, and drinking about 5 gallons of water each, since we were both so nervous. But, the more we learned about each other, the more we discovered how similar we were, yet curiously, we had completely different interests. From the very beginning it was clear that Vince was a HUGE sports guy. I never met anyone who was so in love with the Chicago Cubs, or baseball for that matter. I always thought memorizing sports stats was a waste of time, but Vince was way too passionate for me to dismiss it so soon. My passions were more about things like painting and cooking. After sharing with Vince my artwork and other hobbies, he quickly learned that I'm 'slightly above average at everything' -- including accents. I spent the majority of the evening being silly, just trying to keep Vince smiling and laughing.

When it came time to leave, me, being the straightforward girl that I am, excitedly said - "so I think this went well, I really like you". To which Vince replied, "yeah... you're... entertaining". On that note, we awkwardly half hugged, got in our cars, and left. 
Despite thinking that was the weirdest response in the world, we continued to see each other every week and soon, every day. And since the first day we met, we keep on entertaining each other. We share the same love for God, life and family, and whether it's by singing to each other, quoting movies, or just being goofy, we try to always keep each other smiling."   

So excited for their wedding this June!! Hope you loved them!



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