Thursday, March 8, 2018

Joyful Gilbert Temple Wedding | Kristin + Sam | Arizona Wedding Photographer

When I was about 12  years old, my family moved to a little town in New Mexico. The first friend I ever gained there was named Heather, and she came from a big, fun family just like my own! I spent so much time at their families house growing up and I adored every single one of those crazy Quinlan kids! I wasn't into photography when Heather got married, but you can bet when her younger sister Kristin got engaged I was all over it! :)

Last weekend was so fun with these two! Their first look at the temple was so beautiful, and I got my first little look at just how fun, giggly, and joyful these two lovebirds are! They have waited a long time for this day! Kristin wrote Sam while he was on his LDS mission, and when he got back, Kristin decided it was her turn! So Sam wrote Kristin while she was on her mission as well! I loved hearing the toasts at the reception and hearing just how involved Sam was in Kristin's family's lives while she was gone! It didn't take long after she got back for them to decide to tie the knot and get sealed forever!

Friday night's reception and Saturday morning's temple pictures all just felt like a big party, getting to hang out with these favorites of mine! I'm so grateful for this family and to get to hang out with Kristin and Sam! Love you guys!!

Hope you love this little peek into their day!!



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