Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Nichole + Joe | Sunset Superstition Mountain Engagement Session

Is time flying by for everyone else these days or is it just me? The weeks of 2018 have been cruising! This week I'm headed out to Virginia to a photography workshop....and (hooray!) spending a few days in Washington D.C. to check out the sites! I figured if I'm flying all the way over there, I should probably fit some site seeing in! Plus, girls trip! I somehow convinced my little sis to come along for the ride!

But before I leave for D.C., I had to make sure I got these two up on the blog! Meet the gorgeous Nichole and Joe! Every second of their engagement session was pure fun! But what I loved most was hearing their love story! From the moment Joe spotted Nichole, it seemed like he had no inhibitions. He saw her, and knew he wanted to talk with her, and just went over and did it! He didn't wait around, dance with the idea, and get nervous like 99% of us would, he just went right over to her and started a conversation. I wish I was more like that!

 Fast forward to their proposal months later, and Joe pulled out all the stops. He had seen this very specific cliff on a San Diego beach in a picture and knew he wanted to propose to her there. But how do you find that one exact spot with hundreds of miles of coast line?!

Well, he made some calls, asked a friend, and with a most magical stroke of luck they found it!

So the night of the proposal Joe told Nichole they were going out to eat at a nice restaurant near the coast. But as it turned out, the restaurant wasn't even open at the time they went! Confused and pretty begrudgingly, Nichole agreed to go with Joe on a walk to look at the ocean. (But keep in mind, to get to the exact spot he wanted was pretty tricky!) So after going around a few buildings, hiking up a few cliffs, a few complaints from Nichole about the cold and not wearing the proper shoes for this type of hike (haha), they made it! And with the beautiful sunset and ocean in the background, Joe got down on one knee and asked Nichole to be his forever. And from the fact that these are their engagement photos, it's a pretty safe bet that you can guess exactly what her answer must have been. :)

These two aren't exactly desert dwellers! They just get to be here once a year or so when Joe is here for Spring training as a catcher for the Cincinnati Reds. And if his baseball schedule wasn't crazy enough, add in Nichole's busy work and travel schedule as a national cheer/dance competition organizer/judge! But somehow they make it work like champions!

 Also, side note! I loved Nichole's romper! Seriously, perfect for these pictures!

If these photos captured just an ounce of the joy and love these two have for each other, I'd be happy! I hope you love them Joe and Nichole! The desert looks good on you two! ;)



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