Monday, January 11, 2016

The Scarlett Family | Phoenix Wedding and Portrait Photographer

The Scarlett Family.

I must say, I love their last name. Sounds so proper, romantic...formal. Well, of course, I've kind of gone on a Downtown Abby binge watching session(s) this last weekend (I had to find out what all the fuss was about, though, I'm quite afraid I'm a few years behind the pack), so anything and everything going on in my brain--and out loud for that matter--is translated into an English accent.

Really, just try it: Announcing the Scarlett Family my Lordship.

Okay, okay, well as much as I'd like to continue this whole blogpost talking in an English accent and quoting Downtown Abbey, what I'd really like to do is talk about this family!

Where to start. Hmmm....let's start with New Years Day and backtrack from there.

Sarah is a saint. No really. In December I asked her if she would watch Colbie for a few hours on New Years Day morning. 6 AM to be precise. I felt like the meanest person in the world asking her to do that. If you haven't processed what that meant, take a second. That was probably the worst thing to ask with New Year's Eve festivities and such. Oh what an angel! After going to bed at 1AM she greeted me with a happy, smiling face in the early morning. When we picked Colbie up she pretended that Colbie did great too. (Although, if you know our little one, she is a terror to babysitters, but shhhhhh, we don't want to ruin our chances with other sitters--Jake and I still like date nights :)) So why on earth would we have someone watch Colbie at that time? Well, that's another story, but you can see the sneak peek here. It's gorgeous, and you should be seeing more of it soon!

My husband and I have truly enjoyed having Sarah and Connor as friends. From helping us move apartments with not much help, playing vicious games of Ticket to Ride, and just providing a wonderful friendship that keeps us laughing and sane at the same time, we love them. Not to mention their cute little one! Oh boy, she cracks us up so much! Her and my daughter get along so well!

Well, this session was a dream! With the beautiful cloudy skies, the perfect choice of outfits, and those amazing silos. I just couldn't get enough of these two! They were champions, mud bogging it with me after a rainy week and everything! Hope you all enjoy this session as much as I did!

I snuck a picture of this beautiful mom in while we were warming up little Claire. It was a chilly morning!

I love doing a little engagement session or rather anniversary session with my couples. 

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