Thursday, February 18, 2016

Durango YW | Arizona Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Yesterday I had the chance to teach a class on photography to the cutest bunch of girls! I loaded my powerpoint with gorgeous wedding pictures that I've taken because, let's face it, every girl loves to look at pretty wedding photos. I'm sure it's programmed into our DNA!

My lesson was only about 20-30 minutes on things like ALL the laundry list of things going on in a photographers brain when doing a photoshoot. (There really is a ton!) and things like composition, editing, posing and so on. I loved when they pulled out their phones to take pictures of my slides at one point because they liked the info on them (tips on how to edit their phone images for Instagram).

After the class, we took a little trip to the Riparian Preserve in Gilbert and had a photoshoot. And, holy wow! These girls are so adorable inside and out! I loved getting to know them as they took turns getting their pictures done! You can probably tell from the pictures, we had a ton of fun. Lots of laughing....and fake laughing that turned into real laughing!

Here's a little behind the scenes action shot for you guys :)

Girls! I had so much fun with you!! Thanks for being the cutest models ever! Here's your little sneak peek! :)

 Hope you loved it as much as I did!

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