Monday, January 4, 2016

A+A Family | Phoenix Wedding Photographer

Oh, these two. I can't say enough about them! First I should probably start off with the fact that this boy...errrr, I mean man, is my little (or not so little) cousin. I middle school I moved to the same town as his family. He actually happens to be one of my husband's best friends (since we also grew up in the same town). Over our high school years, Andrew grew to be one of my favorite friends and cousins. We lucked out and got to see these two lovebirds and their little one at Christmas time in Idaho, and since Angela is getting into the photography world we had a fun day of practice and sharing secrets with one another while our husbands re-lived their high school years together playing FIFA on the X-Box.

Flash back to almost exactly a year ago from when I took these pictures--I was just a newbie with my first DSLR camera. Andrew and Angela were nice enough to let me practice on them. They're actually the couple that got me hooked to photographing people, so I can't thank them enough for believing in me!

Wow! Have things come a long way! They are such a gorgeous couple and so genuine, hilarious, caring, and joyful. Not only are they family, but they are some of our best friends. I love it when that happens.
 It's cold in Idaho! But lil' Jaxson did so good!He's the cutest little stud muffin!

 Some pictures just scream to be edited in black and white :)

This picture makes me so happy! My cousin couldn't have picked a more perfect girl to marry!

Aren't they the cutest little family?


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