Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Mini Sessions and Christmas Cards | Gilbert AZ Photographer

December was a crazy month!

I mean crazy, and busy, and exciting, and exhausting all at once. This year, I decided to do my first mini session special to help people get their Christmas cards. And they turned out to be a great success!! Wahoo!!

I didn't book every session I had opened a spot for, but by the end, I was so grateful I didn't! I had such a wonderful response! Which kept me busy--watching my wild toddler by day, staying up to the wee hours editing by night.

But oh, was it so worth it. Every little kid who smiled, joked, and played with me, all the shenanigans (you'll see :)), every email or message telling me they loved them, and, not to mention the Christmas cards!!

All season I've been getting happy letters in the mail--Christmas cards with the pictures I took on them! Sheesh guys! What a way to make a girl feel loved! I'm sure I turned a few heads with my squeals of joy by the mail box as I looked through my mail all month!

I feel so loved!

Well, now that Christmas card season is over, I can finally share some of the highlights without spoiling everyone's Christmas cards!

How could I not capture this sweet moment. Awe! 

Sometimes you have to resort to some tickling to get the smiles :)

I loved this little guy! So much energy for so early in the morning!

The trick to making these little guys smile?.....fart noises. Not my idea, but loved it anyway :). The funny thing is, there was a very proper group getting photographed right next to us and I was just 10 feet away making loud fart noises to make the boys smile. Just slightly embarrassing. Better just to go with it :)

Shennanigans :)

How come I can't look that awesome in jumping pictures? ;)

Okay, this crew! Oh, they made my heart so happy! Loved these cute kids!

With a crew this big of little ones, you have to just let them be free for a few shots ;)

More shenanigans!

That light. That sign. This family. Oh, be still my heart!



  1. Oh my gosh, I love all of them, but especially that last one in bare feet and sweaters!!

    1. I know! I adore that session too! Such a cute family!

  2. I think you need a trip through Utah so I can hire you ;)

  3. I think you need a trip through Utah so I can hire you ;)

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