Tuesday, September 29, 2015


When we first tried to schedule this session I was so excited to do a shoot in the morning! I love morning sessions for the lighting!! But I was also a little nervous--the sun rises so early in Arizona and it gets super harsh really fast! Boy am I glad we did it when we did. Holy moly, I loved the lighting! Actually, if I was to put together a list of reasons why I absolutely loved this shoot, it would be EXTREMELY long, haha. But maybe just a few of my favorites? :)

 1. The outfits! I LOVE shooting photo shoots with soft colors and neutrals. I just love how light and flowy their outfits look!

2. The gorgeous railroad tracks. I think I've been getting tired of the green scenery. When you think of getting your family portraits done, brown isn't typically the color you visualize as the background, but I absolutely love it in the background. Just take a look at some of the children's pictures and you'll see why!

3. That sky!! (Look for it in the hand holding pics)

4. The family! You can just tell in the pics how incredibly loving and fun this family was! And they were so easy to pose! Out of the whole shoot I think I only caught a couple blinking eyes! I didn't even have to photoshop heads from other photos on to one main one. Yes! Haha.

Anyway, like I said, the list could go on and on. But maybe you can just enjoy the pics and see for yourself why I loved it so much!


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