Thursday, September 3, 2015

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This weekend is going to be CRAZY!! But it has me giddy beyond belief! I get to do quite a few things I LOVE this weekend.

1. Traveling with my hubby (since he's been in dental school this is a HUGE treat!
2. Taking pictures of weddings!
3. Taking pictures of weddings with Marquette LaRee Photography!
4. Taking pictures of engagements!
5. Doing a styled maternity shoot!
6. Visiting beautiful Silver City, New Mexico and my hubby's amazing family!

Can you see my excitement?! If you count up my exclamation points I'm hitting borderline crazy happy right now :D

This week has been busy with prepping for all these shoots. Studying up poses (Katelyn James's posing evolution guide for couples is AMAZING by the way!), making wreathes (for the styled shoot--more to come), practicing with my new gear....

Yep!! You heard that right. :)

 Whew, this is big.

I made the leap! Jumped up to a full frame camera and got myself some chunky lenses!

For those who know a bit about photography I bumped up to the Nikon D750 and got a 50mm f/1.4, a 85mm f/1.4, and a 24-70mm f/2.8. (I'm still waiting for two of them to get here--tomorrow hopefully!) Prepping for weddings--that's the dream! I'd love to be just a wedding photographer. And when I say "just" I really mean "amazing, gorgeous pictures, loving my life, capturing the joyous moments" wedding photographer.

And holy moly. I'm going to have to start lifting more weights to handle this pro camera gear. Yeesh! The camera itself is almost twice the size of my old one. And the lenses are like triple! Good thing I carry around a 25 pound toddler everyday!

With the new gear, I decided to protect my investments with a new bag and cute strap....okay, maybe the cute strap is harder to justify, but......I saw it and fell in love. :)

I got the bag from Johansen Camera Bags or as it's fondly referred to by it's customers as jototes. A great resource for fashion camera bags. I love it! I'm usually more of a brown, neutral, leather bag kind of girl, but this mint colored bag just looked so happy. I couldn't resist :)

Anyway! I'm headed to Silver this weekend! It's a short trip, but I think I'll have time for a session or two early Monday morning if anyone is interested. I can't get over how gorgeous Silver is after monsoon season!

Working on the wreathe for the maternity shoot! It's proving to be the most tricky one I've done so far! Also, FYI, it's really hard to take a picture with a DSLR camera and a mirror, just sayin.  :)


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