Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Paige + Devan | Maternity

About a month ago, Paige asked me if I would be in Silver to do a maternity session and later a newborn session for her and her little one. I new I had to figure out a way to make it happen! I love this sweet couple and the joy, kindness, and love that flows from them.

I've known Paige since I was 12 or 13 years old. She's always been such a "lady"--calm, refined, courageous, yet soft spoken. She will make such a wonderful mommy to this sweet baby that's coming.

As we began planning our session, I asked Paige if she'd be up for a more "styled" shoot with a wreathe and flowy dress. When she said yes, I was ecstatic! We began sending back and forth links to dresses, sharing Pinterest photos, brainstorming alternatives. It was so much fun to plan and then see our vision coming to life!

The day of the session, I arrived to find a swamp surrounding the willow tree from the previous day's rainfall. Paige and Devan were such troopers! We tippy toed around trying to find the safest footing for Paige. We did pretty well, minus a few mid-calf falls into the swampy waters here and there and some pesky mosquitos!

Ah, what a gorgeous day--beautiful sunrise light shining through the branches of the willow tree, perfectly radiating light onto this sweet expecting mommy. In just over a month, we'll get to welcome her sweet little one into the world!

I hope you enjoy this dreamy maternity session just as much as I did!

So grateful I got to be a part of this magical experience!


 Trisha Shelley is a wedding photographer based out of Arizona and southwest New Mexico.

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