Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Crowell Wedding

I used to cheerlead in high school with Ashley. Never in my life did I expect to be the photographer at her wedding! But as fate would have it, I was spoiled and got to take part in that joyous day!

Every little detail was so fun to capture. This bride is amazing. Almost everything was DIY in such a classy way, and she did most of it herself! Talk about work!

There were a number of challenges, photography-wise. Things like indoor lighting with skylights that changed the lighting during the ceremony as the clouds moved overhead, indoors using the flash for the wedding party pictures, and only one photographer (no second shooter this time). But I'm so happy with how they turned out though :)

Here's just a few pictures. Hope you enjoy!

That sky!

I adore this one!

I couldn't help myself :)

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