Friday, August 21, 2015

Amanda | Senior

Being in Idaho the past week has been so fun! Getting to hang out with my family, showing off my little one, and getting to see my sister who's been gone for the past year in a half in New Zealand on a church mission! I missed her!

But today I get to talk about another little sister of mine. (I have a small family--there's only 5 boys, 4 girls and don't forget the parents.......pretty small ;))

So I have 4 sisters.
-Kelly, the one that's really close to me in age (she's the one that went to New Zealand), we're completely different, fought ALL THE TIME when we were little, but love the heck out of each other now. Whenever I do something crazy she just shakes her head and says "oh, Trisha". :)

-Next is Amanda, my little mini me in looks, but not in personality. She's the star today.

-Last but not least, my littlest sister, Melissa, is like me + a whole lot of crazy all bottled up in a 13 year old body. She's my partner in crime! I may have to do a little photoshoot with her soon too :)

But on to the beautiful Amanda. It was so fun to spend time with her while taking her senior portraits and get to know this not so little young women that's grown up right underneath my nose!

She is so special. Gifted. Talented. Beautiful. Intelligent. Kind. Happy.

Probably one of the most gentle hearted people I know. It was fun to help her let loose a little bit as we began shooting. By the end, she was a little model! "Work it, guuurrrrl!!"

I'm so happy with how this session turned out! Probably one of my best to date!! (I pulled out some new techniques with my camera settings and editing.)

The last ones are my favorite! Enjoy!

I seriously can't get over how gorgeous Idaho is right now!

The flower patch may have looked nice, but we found these nice spiky surprises when we got in. Completely worth it though!

 Told ya it was worth it.



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