Monday, March 2, 2015

Intentional Creation


That's something that's been on my mind a lot lately.

I've recently picked up some photography and have been finding that my heart has been yearning for something like this. To create something that brings value to another human being. To challenge myself and to do something that speaks to my soul.

It's not even about the picture taking part of it, it's about the process. I asked someone to take their pictures. Without that action, that moment would never have been created. And if that moment hadn't been created, these pictures would not exist. The beauty in these pictures, the colors, the content, wouldn't exist if I had not gone through the process of learning, asking, editing, etc.

My soul has been yearning to create. Yearning.

Now I have a new desire. I want to intentionally create. I could drop a piece of bread into some food on my plate and have "created" a new favorite pairing. But does that really provide meaning? Accidental creation? I don't really believe so. Maybe if it was intentionally put to good use later.

I want to intentionally create. I want to intentionally create a better life for me and my family. I want to intentionally create the healthy mind I desire. I want to intentionally create an eternal bond between me and my husband. I want to intentionally create a great, well-brought-up daughter.

I can't expect great things to result if I fly by the seat of my pants on a regular basis. They may happen. Am I willing to take that chance?

I want to create for myself:
-A strong spiritual testimony
-knowledge to help my clients get past their emotional and mental struggles
-the ability to talk with anyone
-a strong business in TSFL (helping 40-50 people at a time get healthier physically and helping all my coaches get healthy financially)
-a loving relationship with my husband that's so incredible it's for the record books
-a strong mind that knows it can achieve anything
-a forever family

This video speaks to my soul. Creation speaks to my soul. Intentional creation will help me achieve those things that matter the most to me. I'm sure this isn't the end of my list or the end of my thoughts on creation but I needed to put them out there. I can put off "creating"for when things get "easier". To make things "easier" I need to create. I want to lead with my heart and intentionally creating that is the key.


  1. I love this. The urge to create is in every single one of us, we just have to figure out how to express it. A book you may really like is "A Circle of Quiet" by Madeleine L'Engle. It's fantastic and all about the built in urge to intentionally create.

    1. Thanks Marquette. I'm glad you enjoyed the read. That book sounds like something I'd really enjoy. I think by intentionally creating those things that are important in my life I'll find more meaning and more joy.


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