Monday, October 5, 2020

Amanda + Brad | Heartfelt Carlinville Illinois Wedding | St. Louis Wedding and Family Photographer

This weekend's wedding was absolutely beautiful in so many ways. Not just in the normal wedding day beautiful kind of way, but the extra special, "wow, I've never shot anything like this" kind of way. I honestly feel like there is no way that I could possibly do it justice with my words here, or that it's my place to go into great detail, but I will touch on it a tad, so that the photos make sense.

Every bit of Amanda and Brad's day was planned out to perfection before the day came. 

 Every little detail. 

And then the day came and the clouds gathered and the rain drizzled.  

Soon all those months and months worth of plans had to change, and in the space of a few minutes the whole layout of the day looked completely different. 

But with all the changes, there was one thing that even the rain couldn't touch---Amanda's resolve to include her father, who passed away a little over a year ago, in her wedding.

From her wearing her "Team Dave" orange bracelet, to adding beautiful momentos to her bouquet, to visiting the cemetery after her wedding, to dancing with Vick at the reception, and to riding down the aisle on her father's Harley. I was even struggling to hold back my tears. Every part was so incredibly tender and beautiful, and I'm only just touching on a few of the beautiful details she added. 

It was incredible.

And everyone felt it that moment she came down the aisle on her dad's Harley. It was a surprise for almost everyone, and the moment was just so beautifully and overwhelmingly full of love.

That was probably one of the most special wedding moments I've ever had the joy of witnessing.

So, like I said before, there is honestly no way I could do Amanda and Brad justice with my words. I hope my pictures can help tell their beautiful story! 

All the love and congratulations to you two, Mr. and Mrs. Graham!! Hope you come to cherish these photos forever and ever.

I loved this mask and the beautiful way they were able to preserve this memory of having a wedding during a worldwide pandemic. Wild times. 

Her dad's boutonniere and her bracelet she wore all day.

I heard her say that her dad would have approved of her converse. That he probably would have been wearing his bright orange ones himself.

Holding dad's boutonniere.

And the beautiful little momentos for her dad she attached to her bouquet.

The moment we all heard the engine roar and watched her come down the aisle. So beautiful.

Her father's chair.

A quick important visit just after the ceremony.

The whole wedding party rode a party bus all around town in the rain! This was a fun spot they came up with for photos! "The Tunnel!"

And it was definitely a party on the party bus! :) 

I told them, "show me how you feel about this dang rain!" You can guess what they yelled. ;)

These ladies were the cutest bridesmaids!! Amanda's dream team for sure! 

So many incredible moments! All. Day. Long. And I loved this beautiful fireworks display at the end of my night...although I know these party animals partied way late :) I hope you all had the best day ever!! 



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