Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Allison + Nick | Forrest Park St. Louis Engagement Session

Ahhh, can I just say, it feels sooooo good to be shooting again! To be with other humans again! In fact, I told Allison, "Sorry if I'm acting a little weird. I've only been talking to little humans for the past few months!" Haha. I know this (worldwide pandemic) isn't over, but this session was such a beautiful little taste of normalcy. I certainly needed it! :)

But let's talk about these two! Seriously, what cuties/sweethearts! I enjoyed every minute of my session with these two exploring Forrest Park in St. Louis. I can't even tell you how lucky I feel to have had Allison find me! She has been such a sweetheart through all this craziness! And Nick was just awesome. I love that by the end, he started doing all the little things I'd coached him on earlier in the session without me even directing.

 Ah, I can't wait till their wedding! It's going to be such a beautiful, joyful, and fun day I'm sure!

Enjoy this little sneak peek into their engagement session! Definitely a change for this former Arizona girl. So much more green here!

 I just love black and white photos! The emotions just shine through them!

 I stumbled upon this sneaky little spot a few minutes before their session and knew I had to take them there! So glad they were up for it!

 Given the choice of a beautiful pose, or one that shows emotion, I'll choose emotion every time! Definitely one of my faves!

 Like I said, these guys are seriously the cutest!! GO BLUES!!
And last but not least, loved that they wanted to make sure we documented just WHEN we took these! What a crazy world it is right now, but what a gift to be forced to slow down and focus on the important things in life. <3



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