Sunday, August 30, 2020

Jessica + Josh | Shaw Nature Preserve Engagement Session | St. Louis Wedding Photographer

Okay, oh my word! This session was so fun, and so full of surprises! I used 5 lenses that night! (Good thing I packed them all!) Jessica and Josh were the absolute sweetest, and just so happy and full of life! They had scouted out this location ahead of time and surprised me with some gorgeous spots that pushed me to try new things I wouldn't normally do. Would you believe, that some of my favorite shots from this session were shot with my kit lens I bought 6 years ago with my very first DSLR camera? I threw it in my bag just in case, and holy moly, I'm so happy with the results from it.....the picture above for example! 
But okay, okay! Enough camera stuff! We drove out to Shaw Nature Preserve for the session, and it was just beautiful! Literally as we pulled up though, a passing shower rained down buckets and buckets of rain! We sheltered under a pavilion for about 10 minutes, and then it was beautiful, clear skies for the rest of the session! Missouri....never plan on the weather here, haha :)
I had so much fun with these two! So grateful to get to work with them!  I can't wait for their wedding next year! 



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