Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Maren + Michael || Gorgeous Utah Wedding || Arizona Wedding Photographer

I'm so excited to be sharing this wedding with you today! These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of an adventure but I'm so glad I was able to make it up to Utah to photograph this beautiful couple's wedding! I met Maren about 6 years ago at BYU. I was her terrifying RA in the dorms her freshmen year. :) I absolutely loved my job and adored the girls in the building that I was over. Now nearly 6 years later when Maren asked me to photograph her wedding in Utah, I knew I had to say yes and make it happen!

It was such a beautiful wedding and beautiful experience. I loved reconnecting with Maren and finding out that she has blossomed into such a beautiful, intelligent, joyful, and wonderful person. After getting to meet Michael and seeing these two interact, I knew she had found a good one, through and through. These two have such a beautiful and joyful relationship! I can't tell you how many times I caught Michael looking at Maren as if it was Christmas morning and he was a kid getting the Christmas of his dreams. It was so cute! I'm pretty sure I cried more at their wedding than my own, haha.

Maren and I both got a little nervous the week of her wedding about the weather. Accuweather's page was constantly open on my laptop! :) It did end up sprinkling a little on us while we took pictures, but not enough to keep us inside thankfully! Just enough to warrant the use of a cute umbrella! These two made umbrella shots look so magical!

I'm so grateful for these two and the beautiful life lessons they showed me as I observed them on their wedding day! I think the moment I loved the most was when Michael gave his toast to Maren just after he had played her a song he had written on his guitar. This guy is so good with words! I'm pretty sure more people were crying than just me, his mom, and Maren because of how tender it was! ;) He said something that will always stick with me, and I'll probably butcher it but I can at least try to get the gist of it across. :)

He said that there may not have been some huge divine thing that had said that they were meant to be together, but he (Michael) meant to date Maren, he meant to ask her to marry him, she meant to say yes to marrying him, and they meant to say yes in the temple to be married, thus they were meant to be together. He then went on to say how he was so happy and excited to choose her for the rest of forever.

Isn't that absolutely beautiful? Sorry Michael, I hope that's okay that I shared that. It was so beautiful and meaningful that I couldn't help but share!

Thank you so much Maren and Michael for asking me to capture your day! I had so much fun with you two! I hope you absolutely love the pictures and that they bring back special memories for years to come!

The rain would come in and out, so for a few minutes we would use the umbrella and when it slowed down we'd quickly throw it out of the shot and then shoot like crazy until the rain started again. These two were such good sports about it! I'm soooooo happy that we were able to shoot our portraits outside! :)

I hope you loved it!




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