Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Katelyn + Jeff || Alpine Arizona Engagement Session || Arizona Wedding Photographer

As I am writing this, all I can think about is just how grateful I am for these two! A few months ago Katelyn messaged me and asked if it would be possible to make this trip out to Alpine, Arizona for their engagement session. She figured it was probably not going to happen but wanted to throw it out there just in case! Little did she know that I grew up three hours from there and had driven through their quite a few times for school and to visit friends/family. It just happened to work out perfectly that they could go the week before Thanksgiving, perfectly lining up with our trip to Silver City, New Mexico we had planned for the break. I still can't believe it happened but I'm so glad it did! 

It was the sweetest adventure! Jeff's family owns a cabin in Alpine and they wanted to do their engagements there because he had grown up playing and wandering in those woods. His dad grew up in that area and this much loved area had enjoyed many years of family fun and gatherings. Katelyn and Jeff invited us to stay the night at their cabin. It was the nicest getaway! They were such wonderful and thoughtful hosts! Plus, it was sooooo much fun to get to know this sweet couple on a more personal level! These two are always so happy. There was always a smile on one of their faces as they talked with us. When I took their pictures and I encouraged them to cuddle a little, their laughs and the joy on their faces made the pictures so easy to capture. Witnessing the love just made me so happy that these two found each other! 

It was such a fun adventure wandering through the woods, seeing their favorite spots, searching for light, and me making a fool of myself as I admitted my most embarrassing secrets and tumbled to the ground a few times. (I need to learn to watch where I step :)) All that being said, I couldn't imagine a sweeter time with a sweeter couple. 

Thank you Katelyn and Jeff for asking me to come! It was absolutely perfect and I'm so glad I said yes and that we could do this! Such a fun adventure! I hope you love the pictures and that they capture the pure joy and love that you two share with each other!



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