Friday, October 7, 2016

Sasha + Stephen || Ben Lilly Memorial Engagement Session || Arizona Wedding Photographer

It was really late. We had just finished our styled shoot that Sasha and Stephen had modeled for. They drove all the way down to Silver City from Albuquerque to model for me. (Thank you so much you two!!) After the styled shoot, Stephen, Sasha, and I looked at each other. We had planned to wake up for a sunrise shoot at Ben Lilly. It would be early. Really early. After a long day of getting ready for our styled shoot---hair, makeup, setup, pictures, and take down, all three of us were really  tired. We all wondered  if we really wanted to do this--to get up at 4:30 in the morning and do the engagement session. "It would be pretty epic," I said. Stephen responded, "We want epic. Let's do this!" And so we were gungho about it! We've got this!

4:30 AM rolls around. You can probably guess our feelings at this point.

We got out there by 6. Just waiting in our cars. It was FREEZING outside. But we made the walk out to the rocks and did a little rock climbing to get to our spot. As we were making our way there the wind was blowing like crazy! Poor Sasha in her darling outfit was freezing!

As we sat huddling together for body heat trying to stay out of the wind and trying not to freeze to death, we were all second guessing our decision to do this.

Was this even worth it? 

The sun began to come up and I knew we only had a few minutes to get the shots we wanted or the sun would be too harsh on their skin tones (based on the direction of the scenery).

Poor Sasha handed me her nervously jacket and blanket and tried not to look too cold. Then as her and Stephen came together for the shots, it was as if magic was happening right before my eyes.

These two, their love, the sweet way Stephen held her, and the serious amounts of Beyonce wind were the perfect formula for the magic you are about to see!

It was 1000% worth it! I would do it again in a heartbeat.....except next time I'll pack a much bigger coat and hot chocolate :)

It was so fun to reconnect with Sasha after all these years! She was a cheerleader with me in high school--just a few years younger than me. I remember her being so sweet, determined, and quiet. Seeing her now, it's so obvious she has just bloomed! One of the most darling girls I've ever met! And hearing her and Stephen's love story just made my heart pitter patter!

Sasha and Stephen! So happy for you two! Congrats on your engagement!! You two are absolutely perfect for each other! Thank you again for helping me with my styled shoot! I couldn't have picked anyone more perfect!

 Seriously though, that Beyonce wind was amazing! 

 Note to men! Nice watches add amazing details to your pictures!

So in love with these two!! Hope everyone had an amazing week!! Happy Friday!!



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  1. Shelley these are amazing!! :) She is so brave to wear wedges on rocks!! And I love that her dress is perfectly flowing with the wind but not like, insanely. And then their second outfit!? Just so cute.

    1. Awe!! Thanks so much Ashley!! It was sooooo perfect! I actually loved all the wind! It brought in so much magic!

  2. Ahhh! It's perfect, so beautiful Trisha! You're amazing!

    1. Awe! Thanks so much Nicole! You are the sweetest!!

  3. Ahhh! It's perfect, so beautiful Trisha! You're amazing!

  4. As always, this was AMAZING Trisha! Your talent and vision are top notch and it is always a pleasure to see your work!!!


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