Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Erika + Micah || Beautiful Fort Bayard Engagement Session || Arizona Wedding Photographer

I'm trying to remember how many years it's been since I was co-captain in high school soccer with the beautiful Erika! 8 or 9 years maybe? (I need to be careful, I'm showing my age ;) ) I don't think we could have ever predicted back then that I'd be the one taking her engagement photos! It's a dream come true, but back then I didn't know it would become one of my dreams!

We met in gorgeous Silver City, New Mexico for this engagement session!  When I went this time, I took a friend photographer with me. I'm pretty sure she'd never even heard of Silver City until 6 months or so ago. It was fun to show her the place I grew up and to see my little hometown with new eyes. Everything, and I mean everything was absolutely beautiful! It makes me wish there was a bit more of this in Arizona or that we were a bit closer to home! 

When you're younger you just can never quite picture what the spouse of your friend will be like. It was a beautiful experience meeting the person your good friend has chosen to be the one. Micah seemed absolutely perfect for Erika! They just fit. You could just tell that they laugh a lot together and adored each other!

I am so excited for November 12th to get her! Hurry up already! :) I get to travel to capture their whole day and I couldn't be more excited! So grateful for amazing friends like Erika who have supported me and then trusted me with some of the most important pictures she'll ever take!

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