Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Colorful Gather Estate Wedding | Kalliany + Jose

Okay, what a whirl wind of a week! Several months ago Kalliany reached out to me to see if there was any chance I could come photograph her wedding in Arizona. She had been a bridesmaid at one of my previous weddings (hey Jeff and Katelyn!) a few years ago and it blew my mind that she would reach out to me after all these years! The thing is, I've since moved to St. Louis! It was the sweetest email, and because of that, and timing, we were able to make it work! Oh man, maybe it wasn't even just the timing--if you had read that email, and if you've ever talked to Kalliany in person, you would know that she has this beautiful, heartfelt, magnetic personality. I'm not sure I even could have said no to her! She is absolutely the sweetest! We chatted over FaceTime and again, magnetic,  even deep conversations in our bridal consult! I just adore her and I was so grateful she chose me to take on her wedding day!

From the moment I walked in to their getting ready Airbnb, I knew it was going to be incredible. I walked into the room with all the stunning bridesmaids and gorgeous Kalliany all decked out! They looked radiant! And the kitchen island was lined with breathtaking tropical florals designed by the crazy talented Glory Floral Designs. To say I'm pretty darn obsessed with all Kalliany's wedding choices is an understatement. But let's get on to the good stuff ;)

I hadn't met Jose until the day of. In fact. I only met him minutes before their prayer wall moment where he wasn't allowed to see her. His smile, the way he nervously played with his hands, the sweet moment they touched their fingers together, the beautiful prayer he said over them. Pretty sure these two were a match made in Heaven. It only took Jose years to convince Kalliany that this was the case! 

Honestly, I shed a few tears their day. I kept expecting guests to be asking what the heck was wrong with the photographer. It was all so beautiful and tender. What got me the most were the prayers of the parents over their children, the toasts, and the beautiful mother/son and father/daughter dances. Literally bawled, haha. Having children changes you, but also being away from them for almost two weeks leaves you feeling pretty emotional ;).

I feel so grateful to have witnessed their beautiful wedding day. To witness their love. To get to know these two lively, joyful, and impactful people. Kalliany and Jose (also so fun to say your names, haha, rolls off the tongue like the most beautiful words I've ever said) so happy for you. Congratulations! Wishing you both the best! I hope you only continue to grow together as you walk through life. I hope these pictures helped capture even just a little bit of the magic of your day! 

Honestly blown away! I just adore these two! 



Amazing Vendor Team:
Dress Designer: Allure Bridal
Second Photographer: Mandi Burnham
Videographer: Something New Media
Catering: Ximena Catering
Groomsmen Attire: Nick's Menswear
Invitations: Zazzle
Sofa Sitting Area: I Do Rentals
Frozen Yogurt: Aloha Yogurt

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  1. Everything was so perfect! Thank you for the amazign, wonderful pictures of Kalliany and Jose's wedding. Oh! I cried when I read your words about Kalliany, because it is true! Thank you, for sharing not only your art and work but also your feelings. God bless you.


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